Who do you have a man crush on?

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Watching Person of Interest on Nflix, over the
top good show. Stars Jim Caviezel, fantastically
handsome guy. When I see guys like this, I
wonder what it would be like to be born that

I only ever knew one guy who was that good
looking. He ran a Pacific Stereo store a few
doors down from the bar in Santa Barbara.
Best looking man I've ever seen. He was
stunningly, head turningly, handsome. He
was constantly flirted with by women all
day, every day. He was married, of course.
Men like that always have some girl that
gets knocked up early on to trap them
into marriage.

He had a constant string of girlfriends,
all of whom knew he was married. He
came into the bar with them sometimes,
and I'd momentarily forget my name.
Drop dead gorgeous women, young
women. I couldn't stand it.

I asked him once what it was like. He
said it was more of a curse than a
blessing. He never knew if women, or
men, for that matter, liked him for who
he was, or was it just his looks. A lot
of straight men wanted to hang with
him, he was a babe magnet. It was
a curse he could live with, but he
didn't know anything else. I suppose
it would be a pain to have people
notice you all the time. I'll never
know. Sigh..
If you take a risk, you may lose. If you never take a risk, you will always lose.
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