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FACE, you build a pyramid by your pond yet?

you know you're getting old when just watching a guy build something in a primitive way makes you tired
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I'm not buying that he made all those bricks himself. OK, just that he showed he 'could have' works for me though. It bothers me that the finished thing looks so Disney, is it just me?

edit: actually it doesn't so much in the video, but the starting picture does. So it is probably touched up. Yucky blue color for the water.
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Huh. Just realized I have no good pics of the pond.

Nothing permanently built yet, though. I just had a pile of rocks wherein the hose was concealed, and it just sort of blew out from them and into the pond. No falls, pool; just straight current. The grass grows in so high it's all concealed anyway.

I've considered increasing it, maybe making a small canal to another smaller pond behind the grass, but probably won't even build a falls now, and certainly not a building. I'd rather it look like people aren't there.
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I did something brilliant. I took an
old paint scraper like the one below,
at least 100 years old, and put a
sharp edge on it.

It has a thin blade, I took files and
honed down the edge. Then I used
my electric diamond wheel knife
sharpener to put an knife-like edge
on the blade. You could almost shave
with it.

OMG, what a versatile tool it is now.
Scraping paint off glass, smoothing
a surface, I even used it to shave wood
off the oak front door threshold (sill)
that was preventing the storm door
from closing all the way. Worked better
than a wood plane.

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