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The Graduate?

When did PG-13 start? Those movies would have been rated R under the old system, so maybe the figures are mixed up by the split.
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Quote: Face
I think it's cuz back in the day movies were a thing. If you wanted to see anything, you almost had to go. At least we did; VCR's were like $400 in 80's money, .

In 83 I bought my first VCR. The RCA, it
cost $1200. In today's money that's about
5 grand. It did nothing except record
manually and it was a wonder.
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Quote: Evenbob
In 83 I bought my first VCR. The RCA, it
cost $1200. In today's money that's about
5 grand. It did nothing except record
manually and it was a wonder.

I bought my first Betamax in 1984 for $999 ($2300 today). It came with Raiders of the Lost Ark, and could wire into my component stereo for that theater experience at home we all take for granted now. And yep, all it did was record and play. I paid $35 ($81 today) for membership to a mom-n-pop video rental store that offered VHS and Betas side by side, and I accidentally rented VHS the first time, not knowing there was a difference. I think rentals were about $5 for one night only ($11 today). When prices came down, I bought a second VCR to connect to the Betamax so I could copy the movies I was renting to watch again. Tower Records in my town (Austin, TX) has a roomful of movies for sale and all were $100. Only Michael Jackson's Thriller tape for only $20 ($46 today), sponsored by Pepsi, was reasonable priced.
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Quote: Pacomartin
Stir Crazy - Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor
Private Benjamin - Goldie Hawn

I saw those two with my parents.

Ordinary People - Robert Redford & Mary Tyler Moore

Also with my parents.
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Quote: Nareed
I saw those two with my parents.

See, I remember Stir Crazy (1980) as a lame attempt to recreate the financial success of Silver Streak (1976) by reuniting Wilder and Pryer. It wasn't particularly a movie that you should avoid watching with your parents. But here is motivation for the R rating
Quote: Stir Crazy (1980) R for Language, Nudity and Some Drug Content.

Sex & Nudity : Several shots of breasts in one scene in a topless bar. A sexual reference or two. A man kisses another man to say goodbye.
Profanity: At least 6 F words (1 used sexually and 1 with "mother"), 30+ Swear words
Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking: Marijuana is accidentally cooked into some food for an up-scale dinner in the beginning, and a large container of it is seen (it belongs to Harry, and he goes off about how potent it is and how it was grown in Africa).It is mentioned that a man is in prison for smuggling cocaine. Men drink in a topless bar.

Violence & Gore: Mild, a few punches here and there
Frightening/Intense Scenes: None.

I think today, the producers would simply edit the film to get the PG rating. Silver Streak had a PG rating.

So this film today is reveling in it's R-rating, instead of accidentally stumbling into it.

Sex & Nudity
During a freeze-frame shot, a close-up shows a man pulling at the jeans of a male criminal trying to escape, causing the upper buttocks to show.

A woman in a club speaks suggestively with a man and we later see their faces and shoulders as they thrust up against a wall. Very brief.

A woman jokes that the man likes Skee-Ball "apparently more than vagina".

In a year-long sex montage, a man and woman are shown having nude (we see the woman sitting on the man's groin in bed, rocking on his lap as he fondles her bare breasts and she moans). He is then shown behind her while she's on her hands and knees. The scene then cuts to the woman under covers shouting in discomfort before a man appears from underneath the blankets with large vampire teeth (suggesting oral sex). The scene then shifts to show a nude man on his hands and knees on a bed while a woman wearing a leather bikini (with an strap-on penis that isn't shown) has her groin area pressed against the man's posterior; the camera then cuts to his face, he is sweating and grimacing as she says to relax before the scene ends.

A very brief scene shows a man and a woman under a large bear fur with him lying on top of her and the fur is bouncing up and down (we see their faces and hands).

A man and woman wearing Christmas sweaters cuddle together in bed; she is seen wearing skimpy panties. The man stands up and asks her to marry him, using a Ring-Pop candy. When she asks the man where he was keeping the candy, the camera cuts behind him, revealing his buttocks and insinuating he hid it there.

A nude man in a medical facility is violently hosed off to disinfect him, he is shown crouching however his genitals are obscured by shadows. The scene is very brief. Later there is a long fight scene in which the main character is naked. His penis is visible three times in this scene.

A fully nude stripper is shown for about three seconds (her breasts and pubic mound are visible but hard to see due to the dimly-lit environment). Three more strippers are then shown, with their genitals obscured by the heads of patrons; one topless women writhes at a pole and another topless woman crouches in front of a pole (we see breasts, partial abdomen and one partial buttock; several women farther away stand at poles, most of their bodies obscured by patrons, but we see a few more bare breasts). This entire scene lasts about twenty seconds. Other women in the club, such as cocktail waitresses, wear skimpy bikinis that bare cleavage, abdomens and bare legs.

A man is shown briefly humping a stuffed unicorn doll (the scene lasts for 2 seconds, played for laughs and no nudity is shown).

A man mentions several references to masturbating, mostly to gross-out his elderly friend whom he resides with.

A man says his face looks like a "testicle with teeth", in reference to his disfigurement. The man later says his face looks like "Freddy Krueger face-f*cked a map of Utah".

A dead criminal is shown from far-away with his pants pulled down, exposing his buttocks to the villain.

A man jokes about due to his mutant powers, he now has a "super penis".

In an innuendo, as the camera pulls out during a scene, the narrator remarks "that'll be the only thing pulling out tonight".

Violence & Gore
A man is strapped to a gurney, under the assumption he's having his cancer treated. He is given a cylinder of material to bite, injected with a drug, and then tortured over the course of weeks (see the "Frightening/Intense Scenes" category for more details).

A man escapes from a air-tight oxygen chamber by lighting a match, causing it to explode and setting himself on fire briefly. He then fights another man but is impaled through the back with a piece of steel and left to die in the burning rubble.

A man abducts a woman from an alley, then later places her in an oxygen chamber and turns off the air; as she chokes, another man breaks her out of the chamber by throwing his sword at it (which cuts her leg in the process).

In a prolonged action scene, a man drops into a car on the highway where he proceeds to beat up and kill the criminals inside. He shoots a few, leaving them dead with bloody bullet wounds left behind. The criminals then proceed to beat up the man with humorous results. A criminal is ejected from the car during a crash, causing him to hit a freeway sign which reduces his body to a bloody pulp. Another man has his forehead burned with a cigarette lighter before it's shoved into his mouth.

A man remarks how he only has twelve bullets to kill the criminals with. The scene then switches to a very stylized and slowed-down style as the man systematically kills each criminal in bloody fashion. Several are shot in the head or chest, showing lots of blood exiting the bullet wounds. The man then shoots three criminals in the head with a single bullet, very graphic. He lastly executes the final criminal by impaling him through the chest with his swords, then later, cleaves him in half by pulling the swords from his torso (obscured partially).

A criminal is stabbed through the chest with a sword (he does not die and cannot feel pain). A man then taunts him and later throws a hubcap at his head, causing it to bounce off.

A man and the villain battle, one using a long metal club. The villain is later beaten, his own face and teeth are shown very bloody from the battle (he cannot feel pain).

A large, metal man fights with a few men and a woman and all of his opponents in different scenes hit him in the groin and injure their hands; one man hits the giant in the face and then in the groin, breaking both wrists, then kicks the metal man's groin, breaking his own leg.

A man handcuffs another man and drags him away by one arm until the second man cuts off his hand, blood dripping with an obscene hand gesture showing on the hand left behind (the injured man wraps a towel around the stump and regenerates a new hand later on).

A man's leg is pinned to a wall by a sword and he cuts the leg off (he heals instantly). A superhero pulls a knife out of his groin and he is uninjured. A woman tries to stab a giant metal man in the groin, but the knife bounces off.

A boxing match shows two women punching each other in the face and when a man shoots a handgun into the air, and another man thrusts a sword through the gun hand, pinning it to a wall; the swordsman pulls a handgun and shoots, killing five men, with some blood seen.

A metal giant and a teenage girl fight a woman: we see many punches, kicks, throws and choke holds as opponents are thrown through the air and slide across a concrete floor (we see a few scrapes and bruises); the giant slams the woman onto a wall and she chokes him with a metal cable as the teen girl creates fire and throws it at the woman to no effect but then makes more fire and collapses the warehouse (we see a lot of concrete break and fall and a wide concrete platform and building fall into rubble as box cars slide off to a lower level but do not hit anyone).

A man fights criminals alone at night, pounding thieves and men and assaulting others with his fists; he warns a young man who is a stalker to stay away from a young woman, then slams the young man on a wall, chokes him then kisses his cheek, scaring him.

An older man attacks other men in a bar, breaking tables and punching several men out until a woman grabs his testicles offscreen and makes him stop as his eyes bulge and he gasps. A man and a woman enter a bar and the woman chokes the bartender but releases him as patrons pull handguns.

A man tells another man to kill his love rival and kidnap the woman he loves. As we hear a scream coming from the trunk of a car, the driver admits that his rival is in the trunk; another car then hits the back of the first car and we see the crushed trunk steaming with smoke and hear a man screaming as the scene ends.

A man diagnosed with cancer visits a doctor who tells him to refrain from doing anything rash and another man recruits him for experiments. We hear that a man was a Special Forces soldier with 41 confirmed kills. A man tells another man to fight for the woman he loves.

A bloody man crawls across an ice rink, leaving a trail of blood as a second man in a Zamboni chases him and assures the bleeding man that he will die as soon as he reaches him (which he assures is about 20 minutes).

A man crawls across the floor of an old warehouse that is burning, but escapes. A woman bends over a man's back and sews up a gash about eight inches long; we see some raw tissue briefly and black stitches (he is unable to feel pain).

A man makes a red superhero suit and mask after complaining about blood staining his white and gray costume. We see a "dead-pool" on the wall of a bar where a chalkboard gives odds on which customers will die first.

A man holds a handgun against the villain's head while another man tries to talk him out of pulling the trigger. .

About 84 F-words and its derivatives, 3 obscene hand gestures, 21 sexual references, 34 scatological terms, 19 anatomical terms, 8 mild obscenities, name-calling (crazy, weird, stupid, idiot, tool, hooker, mutants, douche-pool, douche, ugly mug, fugly mug, ugly cockroach, maggot), exclamations (shut-up, wow), 2 religious profanities (Goddamn), 9 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Oh God, God, Jesus, Jesus Christ, I Swear to God)

The main character visits a bar a few times.

Two references to cocaine, used as jokes.

A man is injected with a drug that will forcibly give him superpowers by unlocking dormant mutant genes in his DNA.

Frightening/Intense Scenes
Deadpool's face is extremely disfigured, resembling a burn victim. This may be disturbing for some viewers.

A lot of intense action and violence, but this action is mostly portrayed in a comedic, or lighthearted way.

In one particular scene, a man is tortured over the course of weeks in increasingly more painful/stressful ways to unlock any dormant powers he might have; the torturer, however, visibly enjoys it. These include electrocution, waterboarding, hypothermia and painful drugs. In a final attempt, he is subjected to constant near-asphyxiation over the course of days. . Definitely the most disturbing moment in the film.

In a secret government laboratory, several people are shown mutated in various, disturbing ways (such as abnormally-long bones protruding from a man's body, another man covered in boils and hives, etc).

A man discovers he has terminal cancer after proposing to his girlfriend. He is shown in a severe depression after receiving the news. This can be upsetting and emotionally intense for some.
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Quote: Pacomartin
Name of movie?

Just a guess -- Lolita.
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Quote: Wizard
Just a guess -- Lolita.

I probably shouldn't have made that question a trivia question as it is an obscure movie

Jack Valenti became president of the Motion Picture Association of America in May 1966, and immediately began his campaign to replace the Motion Picture Production Code in place since 1930 and rigorously enforced since 1934. In 1966 Blowup and Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf were released.

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? release: 22 June, 1966
Blowup released: 18 December 1966
Rosemary's Baby was released in June of 1968

The Sergeant was released in December of 1968 with an R rating . The Children's Hour was released in December 1961. Both films involve a self hating homosexual who commit suicide out of shame.
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Quote: Ayecarumba

When did PG-13 start? Those movies would have been rated R under the old system, so maybe the figures are mixed up by the split.

Mid 1980s, I forget the movie. Raiders of the Lost Ark?

PG-13 cropped up because of the creep of PG movies to nearer R than before.

R movies used to have the "cool" factor, but PG sold the most tickets. Parents have complained for years about not enough PG movies at the theater or video store.

As to Face and adults going to see movies, I see one every 1.5-2 years. "The Founder" I can't wait to see. But I can't name may current movies much less care to see any. Under-25 is the market, most of that under-20 I might guess.
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Quote: AZDuffman
Mid 1980s, I forget the movie. Raiders of the Lost Ark?
PG-13 cropped up because of the creep of PG movies to nearer R than before.
R movies used to have the "cool" factor, but PG sold the most tickets.

I do remember some of the European films that eventually created the NC-17 rating. They were films that were certainly not pornography, but would get an X-rating in the USA.

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Well in the four months since the original post, Bad Moms (#21), Sausage Party(#25), and The Accountant (#30) have been the biggest R Rated hits.
The Revenant and American Sniper were both released in December of the last two years, so there is a possibility of something this year.

2016 R- rated films collectively grossing a billion dollars in domestic market
Bad Moms
The Conjuring 2
Sausage Party
Don't Breathe
The Accountant
The Purge: Election Year

I guess it is really no secret that R rated films do not have the international appeal of PG-13 films. Biggest foreign gross of R-rated films this year
$419.5 Deadpool
$217.7 The Conjuring 2
$143.2 London Has Fallen

Leaving Deadpool off the list, the R rated films would now be only 17% of the years top grosses.
Even with the PG-13 rating introduced in 1983, R rated films still grossed a large percentage of box office until 1992.
R rated films percentage of box office

1992 50% Lethal Weapon 3 /A Few Good Men / The Bodyguard / Basic Instinct / Unforgiven
1991 47% Terminator 2: Judgment Day / The Silence of the Lambs / Sleeping with the Enemy
1990 43% Pretty Woman / Total Recall / Die Hard 2: Die Harder
1989 34% Lethal Weapon 2
1988 51% Rain Man / Coming to America / Die Hard
1987 51% Fatal Attraction / Beverly Hills Cop II / Good Morning, Vietnam
1986 39% Platoon / Aliens / Ruthless People - Disney began releasing R rated films this year
1985 33% Rambo: First Blood Part II
1984 34% Beverly Hills Cop
1983 46% Flashdance
1982 44% An Officer and a Gentleman / Porky's / 48 HRS.
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