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You do have the phenomenon of "jaded senses" that can be woken up with drugs. "Jaded" anything can be a drag and pretty much is a curse of ordinary life. I have decided the price is too high, to use drugs to ward the condition off. YMMV but I doubt it.
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Sensory crosstalk must be fun, a rich way to experience life. Surfaces that have depth and texture not just a plain wall. Connections, new neural network type stuff, drugs can enlighten or destroy. Its all chemistry? Well, thats like saying a beautiful woman is 98 percent water... we all are, but that doesn't stop you from enjoying the surface tension. Brains can be receptive to different stimulus patterns. Look at our AI systems: Deep Learning Neural Nets that outperform experienced doctors, but can not tell us how they achieve this feat, can not produce algoritms, just stimulus patterns.

Jaded senses must be the ultimate in solitary confinement.
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