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Quote: Fleastiff
No way, Kwanza or kwanzaa is an utterly fictitious holiday invented to give blacks a separate identity, just as Jews inflated the minor hanakah holiday to a big deal as a counter-balance to the Christmas season so they could have separate identity Big difference between wishing someone a valid holiday and wishing them an utterly fraudulently concocted one.
You think African tribes had any 'tradition' other than killing each other. They had ORAL languages, no real history and no real way of spelling kwansa or any other word.

At several points in world history, African nations were the most advanced in the world. African tribes, like all indigenous peoples worldwide, celebrated the winter solstice. They, like European societies, had designated holidays for that. To say that they had no traditions other than killing shows a depth of ignorance, not to mention crude and disgusting racism, on your part that is appalling.

Many African tribes had written languages, but to say that a tribe that had only oral language had no history (I assume you meant recorded history) is really, really, really stupid. In fact, in the vast majority of African tribes (and nations), the average person knew MUCH more about the history of his people than, say, an illiterate peasant in a clay-and-wattles hut in France did. I would also venture to say that the average white person today doesn't know jack about history, literate or not (as your post seems to suggest).

It comes from ignorance, of course. If you knew anything about African history, you wouldn't think of Africans as subhuman.
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Quote: stinkingliberal
At several points in world history, African nations were the most advanced in the world.
Yes, you need only look at the WSJ's MIllenium Day edition publislhed during all the nonsensical fears of the year 2000. Centers of commerce including items from South America, but no Kwanzaa.
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