The Trump Impeachment Thread

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AFAICT, Fusion is company that even Trump could have hired. They dig into people or organization's backgrounds and get paid for it.

It does make you wonder when you go into disputes, if you go up against an entity with deep pockets what you may not even know you're dealing with. Weinstein hired Israeli agents to discredit his accusers. I wouldn't have guessed that was going to happen. Good lesson though if you ever get into a serious dispute. Protect all your flanks, trust no one. Don't relax too much -- you may have unknowns working against you if stakes are high enough.
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It is good to see y'all here. I took a quick glimpse and there hasn't been a whole lot of change in opinions one way or the other. That probably goes for me, too.

Have a Merry Christmas!!
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Ruh Roh!!!

Trump Tower meeting with Russians 'treasonous', Bannon says in explosive book

Bannon, speaking to author Michael Wolff, warned that the investigation into alleged collusion with the Kremlin will focus on money laundering and predicted: “They’re going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV.”

Must see TV!
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Quote: ams288
Ruh Roh!!!

Fake news from rabid, anti-trump Bannon ;)
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Quote: ams288

Bannon went on, Wolff writes, to say that if any such meeting had to take place, it should have been set up “in a Holiday Inn in Manchester, New Hampshire, with your lawyers who meet with these people”. Any information, he said, could then be “dump[ed] … down to Breitbart or something like that, or maybe some other more legitimate publication”.

Interesting, what his fans dismiss as "main stream media", Bannon calls "more legitimate publications " That's just funny.
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