ADAS Advanced driver-assistance systems

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On March 31, 2014,the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that it will require all new vehicles under 10,000 pounds to have rear view cameras by May 2018.

However, these new ADAS systems employ not just cameras, but two different types of RADAR, LIDAR, ultrasound and facial recognition technology to look for drowsy drivers.

Examples of ADAS system
Adaptive cruise control (ACC)
Glare-free high beam and pixel light
Adaptive light control: swivelling curve lights
Automatic parking
Automotive navigation system with typically GPS and TMC for providing up-to-date traffic information.
Automotive night vision
Blind spot monitor
Collision avoidance system (Precrash system)
Crosswind stabilization
Cruise control
Driver drowsiness detection
Driver Monitoring System
Electric vehicle warning sounds used in hybrids and plug-in electric vehicles
Emergency driver assistant
Forward Collision Warning
Intersection assistant
Hill descent control
Intelligent speed adaptation or intelligent speed advice (ISA)
Lane departure warning system
Lane change assistance
Night Vision
Parking sensor
Pedestrian protection system
Rain sensor
Surround View system
Tire Pressure Monitoring
Traffic sign recognition
Turning assistant
Vehicular communication systems
Wrong-way driving warning

Does anyone here own a vehicle with some or all of these ADAS systems.
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Quote: Pacomartin

Does anyone here own a vehicle with some or all of these ADAS systems.

I think we all have cruise, though I have only ridden in not driven with adaptive.
I have hill decent control, tried it in the dry and it just slams the brakes. Will try again in snow, I live near a huge hill.

Tucker Torpedo had the swivel lights in the 1940s.

At what point are cars totally idiot-proof?
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Quote: AZDuffman
I think we all have cruise, though I have only ridden in not driven with adaptive.

Cruise control was introduced in some models just after WWII. Adaptive cruise control (ACC) systems automatically adjusts the vehicle speed to maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead. In some form ACC has existed for 25 years, and radar assisted ACC was introduced in 1999 by Mercedes. The Mercedes system, Distronic, was available on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W220) and the CL-Class.

ACC has only become popular in recent years, with Ford introducing ACC for the F150 in 2015.
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I've got the tire pressure monitoring. It has proven itself useful several times over the years
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Just more things that will break down
and be useless 6 years after you buy
the car. Too expensive to fix, but fun
while they lasted.
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Quote: Evenbob
...but fun while they lasted.

They don't seem fun, but they seem to take over most driving decisions. You are almost at the self driving car where the person is the emergency over-ride.
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How many people have we all talked to that had a system warning indicator that stays on all the time and the mechanic told them to just ignore it? I agree with Bob that all that stuff are things to break down too; we'll have to fix some of them and some of them we'll live with broken.

Besides cruise control [standard since maybe late 80s?] I do have tire pressure monitoring and rear-view camera on one vehicle.
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The latest electric tricycle looks like the post WWII bubble cars.

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For my next car, hopefully many years from now, I want to go back to a manual transmission and a older car without these gizmos and gadets. I like to enjoy and experience driving.
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I just got a car with all that crap, and I have to say that I like some of it.

Lane Departure Warning helps enforce turn signal use; I've been lazy about that lately. Cross Traffic Warning for backing out of the driveway, that's cool too because the neighbors have a big bush that blocks my view to the right. I don't know about Collision Warning, that's the one for when a deer runs out, and I hope I never need to know.

Adaptive Cruise Control and Driver Assist, those two are a bit spooky. Adaptive Cruise locks onto a vehicle in front of you and holds a distance; if you put on the left turn signal, the car accelerates to pass at the preprogrammed speed. For example, you have ACC on and set to 75, and the car in front is going 72 and you have the distance set at 4 bars (about 4 seconds). Your car will slow to 72 and hold that distance, until you hit the left turn signal, whereupon it will accelerate to 75 and pass.

Driver assist will pretty much drive the car, as long as you keep your hands on the wheel. Set the cruise for 75 and off you go. It acts like ACC and LDW in tandem. That one seems pretty dangerous actually. It's not good to be reacting to the way the car handles a situation, it is better to cut the car out and react to the situation. We had it set on 80 going north on I-476, and there are some fairly tight turns; the car was holding 80mph even as the chassis started to object a bit, in a situation I would have braked to 75, on a road I travel often.

I have no use for Park Assist, I know how to parallel park. 360* Camera just confuses me.

The car is a Volvo S90. While it is physically very safe, the interfaces themselves are not. The Swedish philosophy of minimalism means that the driver has to continually search for things, even while knowing where they are. It's better to put the damn radio buttons out in the open, with presets for favorite stations.
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