Hiker contracts deadly disease from blisters

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Wayne Atkins, 32, told WSVN on Thursday he went hiking on June 4 in New Hampshire during a family wedding celebration. 

He kept hiking and felt fine afterward despite the blisters. But he started feeling sick when he returned to Miami, according to WSVN. He went to the hospital, where doctors discovered the flesh-eating bacteria devouring his internal organs. 

"Pretty much every organ in his body was not functioning," Dr. Jonathan Auerbach told WSVN. "So the bacteria tracks up the body, digesting the body as it goes."
Auerbach added that the infection could be deadly if it isn't treated properly. Doctors believe the bacteria entered Atkins' body through the blisters. 

This story didn't really explain much. Did he wade in water?

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the newsmen love this kind of story, and always have.

Of the disease problems caused by bacteria, this one is at the bottom of the list of those causing concern, propensity to generate headlines notwithstanding. It responded nicely to antibiotics. The ones that don't are another matter.
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his feet will be hideously scarred internally he had alot of necrotic tissue... without prompt treatment its real bad.
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Quote: rxwine
...Did he wade in water?...

I don't think he had to. Bacteria that cause this condition are everywhere. Strep throat is caused by the same bug. The infection is usually held in check by the body's immune system, so there is probably more to the story... maybe diabetes or some immune weakening condition.