NFL Demonstrations

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Quote: Wizard
I hope so. It is simply ridiculous that it takes about three hours and 15 minutes to play a one hour game.

Well, no. It takes about 3:15 hours to play a 2:40 hour game. 20 minutes of that is halftime (quite longer in the Super Bowl).

Compare it to soccer,


Add to that the brain damage the sport causes.

That si a huge concern, which the League is doing its very best to wish away. Minimizing the possibility of brain damage would require deep changes to the game, which would make it very different from what it is today.

I think we've all been spoon fed a love of football by the media because they make so much advertising revenue on the game.

Media makes money off all broadcasts. Sucker has in-game ads, and player uniforms are billboards now.
If Trump where half as smart as he thinks he is, he'd be twice as smart as he really is.
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