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Quote: kenarman
Instead of coming here and cluttering up this site with the stuff you have collected under the bridge you call home. Why don't you go to the Wiz's math site and do something productive with your time while you are banished. Maybe Babs will change your banishment to solving 100 problems and you can get back faster.

Nice troll post.

Cluttering up the site... this site has little to no traffic. It is the perfect place to air my complaint. I see people on WoV agree with me.

Why would i go help somewhere else to be "productive" for people who don't follow the rules and are bias and abusive?

Babs needs to be challenged and put in her place as the internet bully she is. She does not deserve to be a mod and it is verly clear where her bais stands.

I will contiune to stand up agaisnt this bully.
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Quote: Fleastiff
Such political labels are meaningless. Republicans and Democrats, Criips and Bloods, Libertarian and Libertine. All the same senseless splitting of an already fine hair. Anyway leave such stuff for a political thread wherein you discuss politics, not individual posters.

They might be, but since the 2000 election there was always a thing about liberals saying, "I was a Republican until X" with X being Gingrich, Bush43, now Trump, or whoever. But when you look at everything else they say it does not add up. In this case, the thread is about the individual poster who has a history of doing just this, so I brought it up.

I'll leave it at that and get back to what I was doing.
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I would like to remind everyone that this site will not be used as a place to air grievances about WoV. It used to be that a ban at WoV applied here too, but we now take that on a case by case basis. In this case, you can stay, for now, with a warning to stop complaining about your WoV suspension.

I hope you'll enjoy the small friendly community we have here.
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