Luka Doncic

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I've seen a lot of basketball.
This kid may be the greatest player ever
His performance last nite blew me away.
He came out of nowhere. Born in Slovenia, went pro early in Europe so no NCAA
He's only 21. WTF. He's just a kid.
43 points, 17 rebounds, 13 assists in a playoff game. NBA teams dont play hard D until the playoffs.
Here are his highlights from last nite including the game winning shot as time runs out
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My son and I often ask.... 'who would you take as the number one choice for one year, no salary issues, no injury issues....' I think it is

1. LeBron
2. Giannis
3. Luka
4. Kawhi
5. James
6. Kevin
7+ Dame, Chris, Kyrie, Steph

I think by 2022 Luka is number 1.