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Quote: Face
No word on their taste. I wouldn't expect it to be like perch or walleye, but probably similar to the panfish you already eat. Bluegill, rockie, smallies, they're all the same Family (scientific)

update: it was good eats!

very easy to clean too. I tried to scale it but nothing came off. So, I've heard of skinning certain fish, and began but it looked like a lot of flesh would come off and I stopped that. I'd get it off the skin after cooking, I figured. But, as you've probably already guessed, turned out the skin was edible too, with no sense you are eating scales. Or if you want, you can separate off and toss the skin easy after cooking.

Most of the fins tore off easy without a knife. Man, for me , easy cleaning is looming large, I like that!

The taste was as good as any from that family. Like I said, they never seem to get very big, but I tell you what, they are plentiful as hell and now I am going to keep any that get on the bigger side.
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Eat or be eaten. The circle of Life.
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Quote: Article
"Although by the photographer's description of the fish swimming, my guess is that it is probably quite happy to be protected in there"

That was my first thought.

Jellyfish are quite fragile, certainly enough so that a struggling fish with spiny fins would shred it to bits. Jellyfish prey are "stung" by its nematocists (sp?) and paralyzed similar to a spider for just this reason. I've see fish "twitch" while being drawn in for consumption, but never so much as a struggle.

My money's on symbiosis, like an anemone and clown fish.
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Quote: rxwine
Just another ordinary morning and you go out to put something in the trash... Hello there!

Can lift up to 30 kg.

Crushing force is strongest of any aquatic creature and amongst the few highest crushing force for any terrestial predator.
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Pretty blue water, a little workout, and some uninvited guests show up. I enjoyed it.

No one has ever proven I am not God.
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