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Quote: Nareed
To begin with, I don't think many airlines give you an ice bucket when your order champagne, even in first class.

They don't even let you keep the whole bottle which decreases efficiency significantly in my experience. Lol
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Quote: Pacomartin
The most obvious answer to that question is it is crucial to switch everyone to ADS-B.

It went by too fast but I saw something on the screen today about re-aligning air routes is resulting in noise complaints as approach and takeoff corridors get changed due to NextGen.
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Panama city is working on their new $700 million terminal by the same architect who designed Mexico City's new airport. With a gross area of 860,000 sq ft it will be about 11% of the size of Mexico City's new terminal. Tocumen currently handled more than 13.4 million in 2015, but expects to be handle 20 million in a few years.

New Mexico City airport site as of August 2017

The development of NAICM is planned in four stages.
Phase I, scheduled to open by October 20, 2020, will consist of one main terminal of 8,000,000 square feet and three independent runways, which would yield a capacity for 68 million passengers annually.

Mexico Benito Juárez International Airport grew by about 1/3 in only 3 years.
41,410,254 in 2016
38,433,288 in 2015
34,015,169 in 2014
31,534,638 in 2013

So at this rate it should be probably in the mid 50 million passengers when the airport opens.
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