Gay Marriage

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I think the baker had an obligation, as a licensed city/county/state business, to sell their product to anyone who comes with payment otherwise accepted. If he refused to sell them anything at all, it would be analogous to denying blacks service at lunch counters in the 50s. Clearly discriminatory.

I also think the baker has a right to refuse to customize a cake in a way they find personally offensive.

If the customer buys a basic product and customized it themselves, so be it. I doubt I would decorate a cake with f-bombs, genitalia, or gory plane crashes, but I have seen all 3. None appeared to be professionally decorated, but at least two started as commercial goods. I wouldn't have expected any bakery to provide those touches.

I do wonder what signage or advertising they had out there, though. Anything that said something like "we will customize or personalize any cake just the way you want it" would set them up for misleading customers, and perhaps provide a window of fault.
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