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Quote: odiousgambit

Pet Peeve that is building and building on me as I get older:

the modern digital age and having to relearn constantly: the people in charge of turning out new products don't have a clue how to not screw it up. Worst of all, these people love to take a feature you really liked in, say, version 1.1 and by version 1.3 it is gone forever!

example: a long time ago I learned how to use Paint on my PC. Now that is gone and there is Paint 3d. Fine! I'm thinking. 'Since I learned how to use Paint, Paint 3d should be easy for me to pick up real quick'. Nope, the new program is a monstrosity in this regard. They don't care, they never care, they just suit themselves! I can barely use Paint 3d, yet I sometimes need it and do for simple stuff like saving an image. Any other program is even worse for that.

current irritation: learned how to use the garmin Nuvi 44 for the vehicle. Needed to get a new one and it's a Nuvi 50, came out soon after of course. Wouldn't you know the damn thing has all kinds of changes and every feature you liked is gone. I have to get out the manual constantly.


Yeah, I prefer software that has "legacy" options if possible. You can toggle to a older feature. In general, unless it's already a CPU and ram hog, newer operating systems can handle it. Or sometimes, they just let you keep operating an older version. You may not get some newer features, but it may be worth it to you.
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Quote: odiousgambit

Pet Peeve that is building and building on me as I get older:

Whenever they 'improve' something,
it's always worse. Just today I logged
into my Bluebird account and they
had made it so I now have two extra
steps to do what I want. And they
were bragging about the 'upgrade'.
For instance it doesn't take me right
to the login page, I have to click on
login to take me there. It doesn't
show all my choices on one page,
I have to click on menu. BS...
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Old articles on the net that don't include the publication date. Particularly with finance and investing articles, I need know the time perspective of the article. Often I know it's old but I don't know if it is five years old or ten.
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