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More prom night casino nightApril 30th, 2016 at 11:06:23 am
Sad state of USA society that when I saw the cops I knew the prom was nearby. But it was actually a decent crowd. Hardest part is I am not a night person. Weird since I enjoy the overnight shift. But to work just until very late and I am dragging. Then I noticed I was on craps. Craps takes the most energy to deal, by far. But then the kid started playing, and the kid really picked up on the game!

Alright, I set up and as sometimes happens there are early birds. Had to tell them mostly to wait a few minutes. One thing about working proms is you get the same crowds. You get a few guys who had dates abandon them or are there alone, they hang out. I try too be extra nice to them because they remind me of myself, and proms remind me how much I hated that whole social scene back then. They want to hang all night. Not much else to do besides dance, which they probably hate doing. Next group is couples trying out everything. Social butterflies, they will play 20 minutes and leave. Not that they are rude, but they just do not see playing casino games as good prom time. Finally some groups of girls try and leave after a few minutes. The game is too much work for them, they are out to have fun. The girls never, ever come up and play alone like the stag guys. All these years I doubt I have had three women come up alone and try to learn to play. To plagiarise from piano teachers everywhere, "they don't want to learn how to play, they want to know how to play."

One kid made 4 or 5 passes in a row. My guess is the day he turns 21 he goes to a casino and blows a moth's pay on craps because he found it so easy. The usual people who can't manage to throw dice 4 feet without making a mess of things. I did not even bother explaining place or prop bets because I knew that most players would last 15 minutes at most and I would be explaining more than dealing as it was.

But I got lucky. Some kid, said name was Alex, the dude took about 5 minutes to get it. Like most he was lost when I explained it before the first throw. Always happens, I tell people just put a bet and learn. Guy sees it, connects what I said, and a freaking 300W bulb lights up in his head. I get him to start explaining the game to the walk-ups. He felt important doing it. I even had him selling the Field Bet! (I did Pass and Field only for teaching.) After people left I gave a "hey, you, commere!" and explained how bad that bet was. Dude was still selling it!

Showed him the free odds bet. As usual that one took a little for him to grasp. Nobody ever gets it right away. Explained how every bet had an edge, how the edge varied among bets, and how to play smart. Kid was a sponge. Soaked it all up. I literally told him that the day he turns 21 to go to the local casino and apply to be a dealer. Said tell them I sent you. Said they have no idea who I am but what the hey!

Always a good feeling to help America's yutes.

May 15th, 2016 at 6:26:50 am
Do you ever contemplate helping America's yutes from a real casino rather than a faux casino?

With all your dealing experience now shouldn't a real casino be desperate to hire you?
May 17th, 2016 at 3:27:15 pm
The yutes are not allowed in the real casino.

I have more fun and make more money this way. If times get tough maybe dealer school again. Maybe even just to prove I can do it.
May 17th, 2016 at 6:19:31 pm
Oh, BTW, I do some undercover work for the real casino.
May 17th, 2016 at 9:29:08 pm
Sounds like keeping your ears and eyes open at a casino night party could lead to some interesting data for the real casino. People tend to loosen tongues at a 'fake event' not realizing that these fake dealers have contacts in the real industry.

As I recall your washing out of dealer school sounded rather arbitrary and unfair anyway. The Stickmans eye pattern and the boxman's eye patterns are important. Its not just the stick man's patter which reminds base dealers what to do and what sequence to do it in, you need to review a 'real' table even though you now handle the whole shindig yourself at a casino night.
May 18th, 2016 at 6:34:44 pm
Not exactly what I mean by undercover work. If I send my players to the real casino I should get a kickback, very few sharps.

Was not totally unfair, I was struggling. But I had started a brand new job the same exact day as I started dealer school. That is not an exaggeration. My days started at 6:00 AM when I got up and ended around midnight when I hit the pillow. My only breaks were commuting time. How I learned as much as I did is amazing. I just have that taint of failure, which I hate. Now I have easily proven myself working tables alone. I can spot a weak base dealer like a lion spots a weak antelope. One missed my loss once, the look on the face of the box chick, oooooh.

But I have only worked with a partner maybe 3 times, and just one. While I have no real desire to deal to keep food in the fridge, I think I could if I had to. But really I would like to deal even a night with a sharp crew I get along with. Not at a place like Wynn, either. A Freemont kind of place. Gritty. Just a night.

In other news, I started teaching the niece and nephew how to play street craps. Ages 6 and 8 or so. They don't know what the game is about. But my duty I feel as the crazy uncle. A bit too young for poker, but that too eventually.
May 19th, 2016 at 4:58:10 pm
I forget the family name but one was a male poker player who had two sisters, each poker players though one of them switched to being a "quant" for a hedge fund in New Jersey. One of the sisters wrote a memoir about A Girlhood With Gamblers showing her early, very early, exposure to card games, including poker.
Six and Eight? Maybe there is a Poker Coloring Book? Or maybe that is your next project: publish one.
May 19th, 2016 at 4:58:10 pm
I forget the family name but one was a male poker player who had two sisters, each poker players though one of them switched to being a "quant" for a hedge fund in New Jersey. One of the sisters wrote a memoir about A Girlhood With Gamblers showing her early, very early, exposure to card games, including poker.
Six and Eight? Maybe there is a Poker Coloring Book? Or maybe that is your next project: publish one.
May 21st, 2016 at 4:57:38 am
I had to ask how to play poker, I wanted to learn from seeing it on TV. Later we played it in school for fun while we waited for the bus home. I am talking third grade IIRC! But how I wish I had learned to PLAY! OK, not everyone is going to teach a 10 year old the finer points of the game, and my family probably didn't understand them anyways. I will do better! A buddy and I so wish we knew what we know now and would have hosted games in college with a rake and all.

I just have to walk the fine line between teaching them how the streets work and never getting invited back............

Poker coloring book? Now my mind will be working. I hope you are happy!
May 27th, 2016 at 5:52:39 pm
A winery is having a Game Night, but it turns out to be only Cards Against Humanity, a politically incorrect adult themed card game.

However, you might approach local wineries about hosting a Casino Night, charity games, expensive wine auctions, etc. Also contact women in business groups they often hold meetings and could do with some levity from time to time.

RANT--It is not a world of men we live in anymoreFebruary 6th, 2016 at 9:34:06 pm
Consider this a rant so I can sleep better and not a gambling post to avoid the non-compete with Zuga.

Anyways, I earned my money tonight. As a reminder, when I deal craps I deal it alone, no base dealers to help me out. First hour was insane betting, but I kept it all together. When I teach craps I try to stress in a PC way that craps is a "man's game." Not meaning that women cannot or should not play, but that you had better know what the heck you are doing when you play and not get upset when a dealer tells you that you need to do something or not do it at a certain point. That you will be talked to in shorthand because to keep the came moving is the cardinal rule. That dealers will "mess with you" to an extent. And that if you cannot take this then you might want to try another game.

But the night showed why this is no longer a world of men we are living in. One woman and two men just did not get it.

Woman, older at least late 60s. Daughter or something helps her at first. I have to stop her a few times from placing her own place bets. I ask very, very nice and explain to let me place them. She keeps doing it and each time I flick the chip back at her and when I finish what I was doing I explain again. I nearly lost it one time.

What I said: "Ma'mm I don't mean to yell at you but I need to set those bets a certain way. I need to keep track of all of the players."

What I wanted to say, "Lady, this is the fifth time I have asked you to keep your GD hands out of that part of the table. Next time I am going to smash your hand with this stick and throw your chips across the room. If you want to put little chips on numbers yourself the roulette table is right behind me!"

Sorry, not about lack of manliness but I am just a bit wired from a crazy night.

Next guy, not at all a manly guy. Shooter throws a 7 so I start to clean up.

"Hey, I just put that down!"
"Yes, and a 7 came up. You lost."
"But I thought that if you put it down the first roll you won on a 7/11?"
"Just when the point is off. If you want that kind of bet you make a COME bet."
I explain the COME bet, he soon leaves, upset he lost two chips with no cash value.

Sorry, Bo, this is how the game is played.

This part is a touch confusing. Two men and one woman to my right, second base side. Call them SB1, SB2, and SB3 with 3 being the lady.

SB2 is being an irritant all night. I do not mind explaining the game. I enjoy teaching it. But I do not enjoy having to say literally half a dozen times that you do not book place bets when the puck says "OFF." I do not enjoy having to say a second half-dozen times that when it is OFF you do not mane COME bets. And I am sorry but you are a total moron if you have been playing more than 10 minutes and you have to ask the point. This one did that again half a dozen times.

SB2 also wanted to shoot. Asked when he could and I said he could when it was his turn. It was taking time because we had several shooters make 2-3 points and as I said, he was 2 to my right so he was second to last.

Here is where the real fun begins. One to his right is a SB3, a woman who was playing but did not always have a PASS bet. She did put one down to shoot. I slide the dice to her and he starts getting agitated, said she was a walk-up and it was his turn, he had been waiting. My general attitude was that I was letting the lady shoot and act like a man and wait your turn. He leaves his bet and storms off, maybe to get a beer. She sees he is upset and refuses to throw the dice. Now somehow SB1 and her man (husband/BF) have words which escalates to a back and forth of "EFF-YOU"s.

Some folk are getting between them but even the runt than I am I start thinking of what to do if I need to help pull them apart. Lucky for me SB3's man is moved away from it all. She has by now left. SB2 is also gone. So I try to get SB1 to shoot. He doesn't want to. SB2 comes back after a minute (seemed like 30) and I explain to him to shoot, at the same time some other player asks how he can complete the roll? I have had enough and give a polite answer about it not mattering but firm enough to mean "because I said so!" Quick seven-out and I let same guy have his own roll both for fairness and to keep some peace.

You would think that is the end of SB2, but nope. Night ends and we give tickets for door prizes. He has them in a cup. Asks me what to do with them.

"Count the total and I will give you tickets."
"What do I do with them."
"Count them up."
"I can't count."

I just go about my work because by now I have had enough of his nonsense and I do not have time to count the chips of all the players. I will help a senior citizen if needed, or someone needs help. He is perfectly capable but eventually someone helps him. *facepalm*

OTOH, one player knew what he was doing and shot before I placed his old COME bet. Mainly my fault but he accepted part of the fault. I joked that I was holding him to a higher standard because he clearly knew how to play. He was cool with that, maybe some manly men still around! He thanked me after the game as well.

February 7th, 2016 at 2:29:28 am
I feel your pain.
February 8th, 2016 at 1:19:22 pm
Hooboy! What's there to say?

Yet more math challenged folkFebruary 4th, 2016 at 2:45:58 pm
Post-secondary trade school, for those of you in Rio Linda it is sort of a private, for-profit junior college as in addition to trades they do business, accounting, and criminal justice. Scene is their annual casino night, poker table. Giving some education to players for my own sanity vs dealing when they have no idea how to play.

After showing some good vs bad hands, I go into percentages. I forget the exact hand, maybe a gut shot straight, but there were 4 outs. I explain that there are 47 cards left. 4 outs.

"What's 47/4?"

Dead silence. No idea how to figure it out. Can't even start the long division (4 into 40......) in their heads. I am saying, they were at the level of children, 4th or 5th grade, if that.

Anyone else see this happen, this level of math-challenged?

February 4th, 2016 at 5:18:54 pm
Only when I try to figure out how much to tip =p

I'm slightly better than your example, but not by much. I'm sure if I had grown up in the age of smart phones and PC's, I'd likely be just as bad, sad to say.
February 4th, 2016 at 5:39:05 pm
It is why in my day the school banned calculators for the most part. I kind of can't wait to ask my niece who is gifted but age 8. Same niece learned how to play basic blackjack at age 6.

Still amazes me you can get to adulthood and not have a clue of the rank of hands in poker. I don't men memorized, I mean not even knowing one.
February 27th, 2016 at 1:22:39 pm
To the ultra "Don't Drink, Don't Chew; Don't Go Out With Girls Who Do" playing cards are referred to as 'the Devil's Portraits' and no Mormon household has playing cards. Then they leave Salt Lake City and flock to Vegas and start off as dealers. Its a transition. Remember perhaps one of the Wizard's dealing assistants in the videos?

Did not watch eve one play this yearJanuary 17th, 2016 at 5:00:34 pm
Steeler season is over and let me say that fulfilled my promise and did not watch one play because they had signed Michael Vick.

Now, did I cause any change? No, but at the least I am happy with myself for taking my own little personal stand. If you watched or did not was up to you. However, one thing is abundantly clear. Few fans can make a legit gripe about player behavior, because what has been shown to be sadly clear is that people keep showing up at the games and watching on TV no matter what these guys do.

January 23rd, 2016 at 7:53:44 pm
I appreciate that you did that. I feel the same way about him. I've been refusing to pick them in my NFL games on the WoV forum, no matter how favored, out of the same sentiment. (disclosure; I got them once by a typo, when they were playing KC. I think I paid for my error

Totally dense playerNovember 14th, 2015 at 9:20:23 pm
Another night of losing faith in the next generation.......

Casino Party season is upon us. Dealing craps. I was at a table off from the rest of things. Now, we have all heard about the woman who asked Dean Martin "is this the casino?" when she was in front of a BJ table. Dino replied something like, "no this is a grocery store, the casino is across the street!" Tonight I had my own kick in the head!

I am the table. Gal in her late 20s or so.

"Is this craps?"
"We need to learn how to play. Do you know how to play?"
"Sorry, I don't know how to play."
"You don't know how to play?!"
"My boss is over there, we'll ask him. HEY, CAN YOU TELL HER I DON'T KNOW HOW TO PLAY CRAPS?!"
"He doesn't know anything about the game!"
"Well, I want to learn how to play." At this point her mind starts to spool like a turbine engine!

Sometimes I want to *facepalm* so hard as to give myself a concussion!

November 16th, 2015 at 8:06:13 pm
Dealers in Casino Nights are the same as Dealers in 'real' casinos.

Certain responses to young females are mandatory.

If you ever get a girl who is bright enough to point out that those Place Numbers are all numerals except the SIX and NINE which are words, the dealers MUST act surprized and emit a stage-perfect Gee, I never noticed that.

If a young girl asks how do you know whose bet is which, you simply pick up one of bets, ask her what her name is and then lift up her bet high enough for you to read the names written on the bottom of the bet and reply "Yep, this is one of yours".

And I'm sure you know by now that if a chip goes down some sweet young things neckline, and you must verbally stop her from reaching for it and announce firmly that if a chip goes out of the view of the public, only the BoxMan is permitted to retrieve it and as you say this the BoxMan is required to start to rise from his seated position as if to comply with Casino Regulations about reaching down a woman's blouse to retrieve chips that have become unobservable.
November 17th, 2015 at 10:20:25 am
" Do you know how to play?"
"Sorry, I don't know how to play."

I've run into dealers who should have said this
November 18th, 2015 at 5:48:29 pm
LOL, OG... what with all those firings by mba cost cutters... some dealers have so little experience and really don't know how to play.
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