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Quote: petroglyph
FBI agent charged with lying about firing his weapon.
Weird. Usually they don't even get questioned or have anything checked.
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Is it possible that the show 'the walking dead' actually puts dumb stuff about guns and survival/outdoor knowledge on the show in order to sit back and howl thinking about how stupid the average viewer is?

In the link Field and Streams' Heavey writes about episodes where they have ridiculous scenes about gun cleaning, and catching frogs.

Last time I tuned in, and it hopefully will be the last time, they kill a zombie and decide to check the stomach contents to see if they find human flesh in the stomach; they think they'll be able to ID a missing person possibly.* So one guy takes an 8 inch or so hunting knife and starts plunging it into the abdomen.* Over and over again, apparently zombies develop a hide tougher than leather. Finally, exhausted, they pull out some contents and decide the zombie had eaten a woodcock. Really, a clumsy, staggering clod can catch woodcocks* with his bare hands?*

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Oh, Jesus Christ OG, abort, abort, abort.

I SO LOVED The Walking Dead when it first came out, and I think we'd like the first season for the same reasons, mostly the survival aspect. My dude, they don't even try. That whole trope goes right out the window and it quickly devolves into a mere typical drama that happens to have zombies. It gets old reallllly fast, at least, it does if it's the apocalyptic survival scenario that drew you to it in the first place (as it did me).

Daryll, as you'll see, somehow manages to peel a tire off and plop knobbies on his Harley when he's toolin' around the farm. Then somehow, on the fly, puts road meat back on when hitting the hardpack just seconds later. This show is chock full of this stuff.

I'll leave out details so as not to spoil, but when a man is toting a 12ga, and said 12 licks fire 18" out of the barrel (say what?), and a person of semi-frail stature doesn't even rock on his feet, and said person stands there in an almost uncut shot and peels off 12? 17? 23? shots in a row without loading his 5 shot f#$%ing pump, I can't even anymore. Like, literally can't even.

I didn't even catch the woodcock ridiculousness. Probably because I was inundated by too much of it already.
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Quote: Face
I'll leave out details so as not to spoil.

How could you possibly spoil one of the
stupidest shows ever on TV. I accidentally
caught half an ep a few seasons ago and
was so appalled I never got over it.

For one thing, people staggering around
with blank looks on the faces pretty much
describes the general population anyway.
What's frightening about it.
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