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Largest concert ever:


Madonna closed out her career-spanning Celebration Tour Saturday with a free concert at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s Copacabana Beach in front of 1.6 million fans, setting the record for the largest audience ever for a stand-alone concert by any artist in history.

The performance marked Madonna’s first time performing in Brazil since 2012, and was heralded as “a thank you to her fans for celebrating more than four decades of her music over the course of the epic global run of the tour,” Live Nation previously said of the event.

Copacabana Beach has long been a magnet for epic, well-populated shows, notably a Rolling Stones gig in 2006 that drew an estimated (and then record-setting) 1.5 million fans. Madonna’s show Saturday night toppled the record, with Live Nation putting the attendance at 1.6 million people who turned Copacabana Beach into “the world’s largest dancefloor.”

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Quote: rxwine
I think we get more points for suggesting young people. (That's somewhere here on the site, I think)

So I'll go for many long shots. The horse, 20 lengths back.

Tom Cruise
Taylor Swift
Kayne West
Jennifer Aniston
Punky Brewster
The other Michael Jackson
Tucker Carlson's left foot.
Sean Hannity's tv show.

What other Michael Jackson are you talking about? :/
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Shelly Duvall
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These occurred recently.

Anyone see a pattern?


In memory of those who “died suddenly” in the United States, July 1-July 8, 2024

JUL 10, 2024

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Former child star Benji Gregory has died at the age of 46 after reportedly falling asleep in his car during high temperatures.

Gregory, best known for his starring role in US sitcom ALF in the 80s and early 90s, was reportedly found dead in his car at a car park in Peoria, Arizona, on June 13.

His service dog Hans was with him and also died, entertainment news outlet TMZ reports.
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Quote: rxwine

Off topic but the writer of the above quote betrays a UK background. They have parking lots in Peoria, not car parks.
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