One brain/ 2 different beliefs

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When the brain is surgically split, it can have two personalities. One personality a theist, the other atheist.

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The origin of consciousness in the breakdown of the bicameral mind might interest you. I think its still in print.
Instead of two personalities consider one personality but a conflicting obsession. Such as a lifelong law-abiding CPA who after a slipped-scalpel during brain surgery had a compulsion to steal cars. It didn't lead to two personalities, it lead to one personality that stole cars and drove them home parking all of them in the immediate area, thereby getting caught quite promptly.
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video ends with a good joke.

I remember one case where a guy got the surgery to treat his epilepsy [iirc]. One side of his brain would be shown, say, an apple and the other side would be asked to pick from various a favorite food. He would pick the apple, and when asked why he picked it, would say things like "I just like apples".
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