Couch Tour

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Simply loving Tech these days
I'm a big time deadhead.
Back in the day when I first saw the Dead, it could take weeks to months to get tapes of the shows. (Later years I met tapers that got me the recordings fast)
Anyway Dead and Company are touring
I flew out to Cincy and Indy to see their shows.
The music is simply blowing me away.
John Mayer is incredible
The boys are playing NYC tonight at citifield baseball park
I'm on the couch tour now. Been doing this for a bunch of shows.
Got video streaming from the show via periscope on my laptap plugged into my large flatscreen TV
Listening to perfect audio via from a taper in the tapers section broadcasting audio and got the smartphone hooked up to my home stereo
Loving it, watching tonights show with perfect audio
Loving Couch Tour
Sometimes we live no particular way but our own - Grateful Dead "Eyes of the World"
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Okay. Now I get it.

Couch Tour is a generic name for any of various free or fee-based internet hookups with live feeds from major rock and roll band sites.

It involves remaining at any location, probably one's own home, and receiving live internet feeds after signing into some designated location with a code or for free.

There is no physical "tour" or "tour bus" involved. And this is NOT in any way related to Couch Surfing which involves physical travel to a location and living with locals on their "couches" or in spare bedrooms for a few days while being shown around the town.