Trump & Putin

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Quote: ams288
LOL... this reminds me of the time you tried to say Donald wasn't orange and Obama was.

Just sad.

Maybe that's what's wrong with him. He's using something that causes some sort of poisoning to the brain. He's probably using expired Preparation H and rusty brake fluid or some other toxic substance on his skin.
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Here's a timeline of the Russia scandal. A lot of this makes more sense in hindsight.
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Russian Officials Overheard Discussing Trump Associates Before Campaign Began

Before this week, I would have never believed that there was an email (with the subject line "Russia - Clinton - private and confidential") where they openly admit that the Russian government is trying to elect Trump.

So what else is out there? What other meetings were held?

These traitors clearly weren't too discreet with their collusion.... and apparently didn't realize that a lot of these powerful Russians they were in contact with were likely under surveillance by our intelligence community - as this article points out.
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