17 cows problem

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Quote: Ayecarumba
Since the will doesn't provide instructions for the leftover 0.0556 cow, the entire herd should be sold, the proceeds distributed, and the leftover portion added back to the estate.

You know a slaughtered cow is worth more than a live one? Unless it's a milking cow, naturally.

Let's leave it there before things get too graphic.
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Quote: Fleastiff

Note Cows do not sleep standing up; cow tipping is for City Boys being initiated into a fraternity.

Yeah, in college we were at a kegger with a few cows sleeping in the field. Someone mentioned cow tipping to one farm-boy roommate. He got agitated. "A 200lb guy is not going to tip over a 1,000 pound plus cow that does not want to be tipped over!"

Of course he was so agitated I had to jump in:

"Sleeping in the pasture and not the barn?"
"In nice weather all the time, why?"
"Won't they get pasteurized?"

Oh, the language he used!

Quote: Wizard
A farmer has 17 cows. He dies, leaving a will that states that the cows will be divided among his three sons according to the following proportions:

Adam: 1/2
Bill: 1/3
Charlie: 1/9

Obviously, there is 1/18 not accounted for.

Inheritance or other taxes

How should the 17 cows be divided?

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Not knowing what to do, the three boys ask the Rabbi for counsel.
The wise Rabbi says: "I will lend you one of my own cows to add to the herd. Now go ahead and distribute according to the will."
So Adam gets 9 cows, Bill gets 6 cows and Charlie gets 2 cows. "But Rabbi, now there is one cow left over," says Adam.
"So I shall take back the cow now, that I gave unto you," replies the Rabbi with a smile.

This is actually a popular math problem from 5th grade textbooks in Germany. The student's task is to explain the math behind the story. (I took some liberty with the translation from memory.)
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