I Love When Celebrities Tell the Media They Will Move Out of the Country...

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November 10th, 2016 at 1:44:50 PM permalink
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Quote: ams288
Some of these are wrong. Whoopi Goldberg never said she'd move. They discussed the fact that everyone keeps saying she said she'd move to Canada on The View today. She never said that.

Okay. Goldberg can stay.

Quote: GossipCop.com relaying Goldberg's clarification
"A lot of folks have said they were leaving over the course of these last couple of years if Trump got elected, and once again people assumed that's what I did", Goldberg said on the morning talk show. The misconception stems from comments she made on a prior episode, during which she stated, "The minute you start pointing and saying that person is a rapist and a murderer, it pisses me off because I've been part of that when they just use a blanket statement to talk about black people or when they use a blanket statement to talk about white people or women or any other group." She added, "I don't think that's America. I don't want it to be America. Maybe it's time for me to move."

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