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I just had a revolting epiphany (bet you didn't know it could work out this way).

Lately I've been wasting a sizeable portion of my weekends getting to the office to finish work I can't do during regular hours (mostly petty cash reimbursements). I've tried to avoid it, to get it out of the way early, to do it later, etc. But I always wind up tired when coming home.

Then yesterday like a bucket of icy water it hit me: why don't I take the opportunity to write at the office on weekends?

WTF?? I mean, seriously WTBF???

Having a mind that can come up with sensible ideas, I introspected.

The office is quiet on weekends, there's plenty of coffee, there's AC and heating if the weather is nasty either way, there are some snacks if necessary, I'm already there anyway, and most important, and I think what my subconscious noticed, I have few distractions there: no TV, limited internet access, no games on the PC, and I already ignore the phones on weekends anyway (and they don't ring as often).

I'll give it a try next weekend.

But I may need a long shower afterwards...
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You should always feel free to give anything a try.

I know one writer who did his writing at home and at five pm he would leave the house, close the door behind him and then open it again and say "Honey, I'm home". In other words he had a sharp demarcation between his writing at home-don't bother me time and his actual home life.

There are some couples who work at home but still email each other rather than converse.

So try anything and see that if it really works out or not.