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I get my news mostly from NPR, on my way to and from work. I'll also hear BBC World News on my NPR station if I'm running late.

I also see headlines, and occasionally read articles, from The New York Times, and The Washington Post, and Politico. I have elected to have them show up on my facebook feed.

I also use,, and

I ignore anything outrageous and outlandish until it starts to show up on major media sites, or has been reviewed by one of those fact checking sites.
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Quote: stinkingliberal
Yes, Bob, be a Trumper parrot. Every news source that criticizes Trump is fake news and horribly biased.

Criticizes? All during the campaign and
into the presidency, CNN and MsMBc
have been on a 24/7 jihad to take down
Trump. Everybody says it, everybody
knows it. It's embarrassing to watch.
If you take a risk, you may lose. If you never take a risk, you will always lose.
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Quote: Evenbob
CNN and MsMBc
have been on a 24/7 jihad to take down
Trump. Everybody says it, everybody
knows it. It's embarrassing to watch.

Yes, reporting what Donald does and says accurately would be considered "jihad against Trump" to the Breitbart crowd who thinks he is "beloved."
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I wonder if FrGambler has decided upon unbiased news sources or not?

I happened to mention the Titanic upthread in reference to Yellow Journalism, so perhaps this is the proper thread considering that we are approaching the anniversary of the RMS Titanic which was doomed on the 14th and sank on the 15th.

No matter what the various news outlets will be saying: here is the Straight Dope.

Captain took extra precautions of sailing further south before 'turning the corner' and adopting a rhumb line for the Perth Amboy lightship.
He reduced speed and was by no means negligent.
He did not have to be on the bridge and had left instructions to be called if the watch officer was in the least doubt.

Sure some radio messages reporting ice did not have the prefix that meant 'ships captain' instead of traffic for passengers aboard the ship, but this was minor and insignificant.

It was a very cold clear night and the nearby California was probably not as nearby as they thought. Observations and conclusions aboard the California were reasonable under the circumstances though not particularly as courageous as some might hope.

The iceberg had just turned and was not the ghostly white that is depicted in movies but more deep blue/black and that is why the lookouts failed to spot it in time.

The best response would have been to hit the iceberg head on and take the shame and damages and limp into Halifax, Nova Scotia in the morning. An alternative response would have been to try to "dance" around the iceberg by puting the helm hard over so that the stern swung one direction and then reversing the helm so as to swing the stern around again and hope to avoid the underwater obstruction.

Unfortunately the officer tried to do both: the ship started to answer its helm but once the stop engines/reverse engines command was given the rudder was useless as those mighty screws churned up air bubbles rendering the rudder ineffective.

The women and children first command was heard by two officers but interpreted as Only Women and Children by one and Primarily Women and Children by the other who automatically assumed males would command a life boat and be the primary oarsmen. This was consonant with societal values of the time. Voting was forbidden to inmates of insane asylums and women, so it was reasonable to view women as incapable of commanding a lifeboat or properly maneuvering it. Lifeboats were not lowered by sailors but by waiters and similar non-sailor crewmembers. A belief in the lack of strength of the davit supported lifeboats was erroneous but reasonable, just as a belief in the vulnerability of the watertight doors was erroneous but reasonably held.

The real hero of the disaster was the captain of the Carpathia who performed extremely well but did not traverse the distance attributed to him. He accepted the world's praises and allowed the cover up of the Titanic's captain to continue since history would not really accept that after the collison the captain made a navigational blunder in determing his position that a junior officer would never have made.

All statements and heroism reported in the papers at the time was pure fiction since no ship that picked up survivors transmitted any wires at all.

So no matter what the Fox News/CNN/Bloomberg types say.... that is what happened
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Yeah, I'm tired of the silly shallow talking heads who spout utter nonsense re-heated from the previous April.
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Quote: pew

I have tons of respect for "The Straight Dope"
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