The British Virgin Islands: Third Time's a Charm

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Thanks for the ride Face! I enjoyed it very much. I suppose it's a good thing the annoying neighbors didn't show up until the end...and then you were able to move away before going Joey Logano on their crew.

I hope you're keeping warm. News says it is seriously winter up your way.
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Quote: Evenbob
"but I do think, once I was fully woke, that I was just still drunk."


Yup =)

Quote: odiousgambit
I have a picture of the mom raising the kids to be Vegan - and knowingly lying about it being a 'marine preserve' to trick you into not fishing

and wanting those kids to not just be Vegan, but be as obnoxiously Vegan as possible, screamers. Normally Vegan not cutting it.

not saying I nailed it, just saying it fits the picture for me

I dunno. Probably the worst thing about it, after thinking on it some, is that I really think the whole thing had to do with my rod in the back. It was my personal rod, so some 6.5', and it was "put up", so it had a bend in it. I think just that being in the holder is what set the whole thing off, cuz Shack was fishing in the front where she might not even have been seen. I don't even know. I don't know why people feel they can yell at others, and I don't know why I get so pissed off about it.

Quote: Ayecarumba
Thanks for the ride Face!

Welcome =)

Quote: Aye
I hope you're keeping warm. News says it is seriously winter up your way.

It's ridiculous. Gov declared an emergency before it even began, and as always, it's just so spotty. You can, and often do, have a band that's like a wall. Inside, can't see the front of your car. But .75mi that way, and it's clear as day. And that's of course what happened here. The Finger Lakes sweep, Roch / Binghampton, they got real snow. But here? They closed school for 2 days now, we maybe got 8" - 12". The hell is this, Georgia? Everything's shut for a foot. Kid's concert, my college hockey, all the trucks are kicked off the I-90, so I have no mail, meaning I'm gonna get destroyed for the rest of the week... all over 12".

It's cold, and that sucks this deep into March. And the cricks had just cleared, so that sucks, too. But as far as a "weather event", we had and received a 100% chance of Wednesday.
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