What Meds Do You Take

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Quote: Pacomartin
A number of anticoagulants are available.

With afib I have a 2% chance of a stroke
without anticoagulants, on all the
online risk tests I've taken. That's
98% chance of not having one. 85%
of people who have strokes do not
have afib. Add those numbers up
and is it worth it to take an expensive,
intrusive drug to go from a 98% chance
of not having a stroke to a 99% chance.

The Japs have a test that is being used
more and more in the West to test for
potential stroke victims. Just stand on
one leg for 20 seconds. The reasons
that you can and can't do this would
fill a book about the brain. If you can't,
see a doc asap.
If you take a risk, you may lose. If you never take a risk, you will always lose.
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I've never taken Pepto. Just Tums if I need it at all. But thanks for the info.
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