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Reminds me of a novel I read when I was age 14. The world poulation had reached 75 billion and everyone lived in skyscrapers of 1000 floors divided into 25 cities housing a maximum of 885,000 people. Each skyscraper was some distance apart so that people never travelled. Refusing sex was criminal, and the goal of society was to try and reach a population of 200 billion.
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Quote: Pacomartin
Reminds me of a novel I read when I was age 14.

The World Inside by Robert Silverberg.

Pretty good book. I re-read it just a few years back.

Refusing sex was criminal,

I don't think it was expressly criminal, but you saw what happened to poor Sigmund...

Anyway, as to the link, it's a great idea for those of us who do not get enough radiation in our diet. But I think most of us do, and manage with the occasional jet flight for a booster as needed.

It looks good. No doubt the people who came up with it have great arguments for it. But it will very likely end up in the virtual drawing board alongside circular runways, spacious air cabins, modular jets, the flying car, etc.

Hell, were it not for Concorde's precedent, I'd add Boom to the list :)
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