An 18 pound $9000 laptop

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Quote: Dalex64
The Commodore SX-64 weighed 23 pounds.

The old portables were heavy in large part due to the CRT screen. My Toshiba had a revolutionary (for the time) plasma screen, not too different from today's flat screens in appearance, but much different in resolution. At the time, color was outrageously expensive, too. So I had to settle for a CGA resolution with shades of orange. It was still heavy due to the power source, floppy drive and HD.

I think what would most amaze today's generation, is that the portables had no battery at all. They had to be plugged in to a wall socket to work.

Mine, BTW, was the backup for the office PC. It never actually had to perform in that role, but I did take some work home to process there.
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