the real estate crash of 2020

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Quote: reno
This article quotes a University of Utah professor making a bold prediction: in the early 2020s, there will be a substantial real estate sell-off as baby boomers enter their 70s and move into small apartments and nursing homes. In particular, there won't be enough buyers to absorb the glut of big suburban homes.

I am leery of tying home prices to demographics. I remember reading an article in the WSJ that I took to heart in the mid 1980's after the big crash that swore the home price increases of the 1960s-1970s would never return. He based his theory on the massive drop in fertility rates in the 1970s after oral contraceptives became widely used.

Of course that article become a joke in the late 1990s when house prices took off with no discernable demographic change in the USA.
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