The Contender (2000 film)

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The Contender was a film released about 4 weeks before the elections in the year 2000 starring Joan Allen as Senator nominated for VP, Jeff Bridges as POTUS, Gary Oldman as the Senator opposed to the nomination. The story about sexual accusations affecting the nomination process proved to be very visionary. It's an R rated film that didn't come close to making a profit or being in the top 100 films that year.

Gary Oldman is at his best playing a villain, but Jeff Bridges does a surprising turn as a POTUS with vision and principles. Joan Allen made 24 feature films, but most people don't know her.

The first time I saw the film I found it mesmerizing, Has anyone else seen it?
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Yes. Although my computer/browser combination refuses to display all these youtube links, I do indeed remember the film. I think honor and politics are from days gone by as are honor and Hollywood.