The Divine Plan

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Two world leaders, two assassination attempts only 7 weeks apart. They both see their survival as a sign from God that they are destined to change the world. The secret collaboration.

16. Oct. 1978 John Paul II begins papacy
20. Jan. 1981 Ronald Reagan innaugurated
30. Mar. 1981 Assassination attempt Ronald Reagan
13. May. 1981 Assassination attempt John Paul II
7. Jun. 1982 Audience I (RR first trip to Europe)
6. Jun. 1987 Audience II (RR 5th trip to Europe)

The documentary was in theaters for one day only.
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Quote: Pacomartin
The documentary was in theaters for one day only.
Of course, no need for publicity since it was a divine plan those who mattered already knew of the movie. Any other two people nearly get killed at about this time?
One was a demented assassin who wanted a movie star to admire him and the other probably was equally demented.
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Today when politics seems so petty, it is wonderful to think of two powerful men who thought they could profoundly change the world.

This movie/book tie-in is not the first time this author, Paul Kengor, has told this story. I count at least 7 previous books on similar subject.

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