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I see that the Three Stooges in Brunswick, Ga. got poked in the eye and smacked on the head with a shovel by a mostly-white jury.

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Make a stupid plan, and end up in prison when it goes as badly as possible.
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The jury system works pretty well. You present a good case, you get a conviction. You have a poor case, you don't.

No system is perfect, of course, but the recent verdicts seem correct from what we saw in the trials. I doubt any of us saw the whole case presented and defended against in any of these trials.
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They really messed up, all the evidence against them is from themselves. If they did not post that video that probably would not have even been charged.

Apparently, the rumor is the next step is a Federal Prosecutor is going to bring up hate crime / civil rights charges in Federal Court. This seems like a stretch. I know it has not been decided yet if they are eligible for parole yet in GA (even if they are they will probably be dead before being eligible so it's almost moot). Even the GA prosecutor did not want to touch the alleged race / hate crime issues because it would be too polarizing. I am not sure what the Feds are playing at?
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The Federal case was filed a while back...

"Regardless of the jury verdict in the state of Georgia’s prosecution of the men accused of murdering Ahmaud Arbery, all three will face hate-crime charges in federal court in February."
China Lied...How Many There Really Died?