The problem with movements

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Is that movements are fads where people are really riled up and then quickly move on with their lives and the movement is put on the back burner.. There was a Time magazine article where parents who lost children due to school shootings also made this point I just made. It was something along the lines "The world gets angry for a little while at senseless school shootings, and then quickly moves on, but our beloved children are never coming back and that's a tragic fact." Maybe if movements were more permanent rather than just fads that last a little while and people quickly move on, some serious changes can be made.
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At my age I assumed this thread was about bowel movements.
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Surfside Condo collapse had a brief movement where a lot of people heavily mourned the loss of the people suddenly killed when the Hotel suddenly collapsed and it got a lot of exposure and stuff like,"We stand by Surfside victims! Surfside in our prayers!" The movement was quickly over and it just got mentioned again today for the one year Anniversary of the sudden collapse.
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Just learned the battle cry
Remember the Raisin
Now it's pretty much forgotten
But Indians still dealing with the repercussions today
I'm at the site of the worst USA loss in the war of 1812
Atrocities on both sides
But atrocities by Indians was used as propaganda
Remember the Raisin is due to a massacre of wounded US soldiers by Indians
The propaganda was used to justify removal of Indians accross the country
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