Ancient Apocalypse

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Gunung Padang - is a megalithic site located in Karyamukti, Campaka, Cianjur Regency, West Java, Indonesia,

The idea that advanced civilizaion that is older the 6000 years ago has always be intriguing to me.

There seems to have been a great flood between 12,800 and 11,600 years ago which may have destroyed an ancient civilization.

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I doubt it was flooding. They have a lot of earthquakes there due to being on the ring of fire
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Episode #2 swiched to the ancient pyramid in Cholulu Mexico. If you fly into Mexico City airport you can take a bus to Puebla bus station for $15 right from the airport. Then it is a local bus (under an hour) to get to the architectural site in Cholulu.

The Great pyramid of Cholula was the largest one in the world by volume. It was completed 600 years before the Conquistadors arrived from Spain, and it was covered with dirt so it looked like a natual hill. They have been tunneling since 1931 and they have found several generations of pyramids that go back a long time. The pyramid consists of six superimposed structures, one for each ethnic group that dominated it. However, only three have been studied in any depth.

The series is exploring the possibility that the origins of the Great Pyramid could go back to this hypothesized prehistoric civilization.
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2nd episode of what, you seem to have not included that
Politics! Imagine any other activity where it is OK to openly obsess over race and ethnicity
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Quote: odiousgambit
2nd episode of what, you seem to have not included that

Mea Culpa.
Ancient Apocalypse is the title of a documentary series used for at least three times. The latest dropped on Netflix on 11 Nov. 2022 and is an 8 part series. The is the one I was referring to the 2nd episode (of 8). The series is built around the books of Graham Hancock.

There was just a BBC series with the same name last year, and another one 20 years ago.

Bishop James Ussher, an Anglican cleric and biblical scholar in 1658 wrote a chronology titled "The Annals of the World" that said that God created the world on October 23, 4004 BCE. While the idea of a 6000 year old universe came under dispute in the 19th century , it is often considered the approximate date of the beginning of proto-history (i.e. the time when some parts of civilization had writing and others did not). It is estimated that the population of the world was around 7 million at this time, but it may have been 5 million 10,000 years ago as it was thought that population did not grow or shrink radically during this time period after the ice ages.

Behavioral modernity, involving the development of language, figurative art and early forms of religion (etc.) is taken to have arisen before 40,000 years ago. So there is no anatomical reason that civilization could not have existed long before the last 6000 years ago. The population of the world cannot really be estimated 40,000 years ago, but it may have been less than a million.

Stonehenge may have been used for ceremonial rituals as far back as 8000 BC, the first of 6 layers of stones date back to 3000BC.

In the Netflix series they are largely considering the possibility of civilization that may have existed as far back a 12,000 BC. There are very few physical relics from that far ago, and mostly they are pottery and weapons, but Graham Hancock believes that myths and legends are rooted in ancient civilizations.

Quote: Ancient Apocalypse Netflix 2022

S1, Ep1 Once There Was a Flood
In his quest to find traces of an advanced, lost civilization of the Ice Age, host Graham Hancock travels to Indonesia to investigate a megalithic pyramid that appears to date back to the last Ice Age, when the island of Java was part of a great landmass known as Sundaland.

S1, Ep2 Stranger in a Time of Chaos
Graham's quest takes him to Mexico's ancient pyramids, to explore the tradition of Quetzalcoatl, the "Civilizing Hero" who showed up after the Great Flood to teach humanity the ways of civilization.

S1, Ep3 Sirius Rising
Graham heads to Malta, whose mysterious megalithic temples not only possibly date back to the end of the last Ice Age, but also demonstrate an advanced knowledge of astronomy.

S1, Ep4 Ghosts of a Drowned World
Graham explores a mysterious underwater megalithic structure off the coast of the Bahamas, which, if man-made, must date back to the Ice Age. Could an ancient civilization have mapped the world's oceans thousands of years ago?

S1, Ep5 Legacy of the Sages
Graham takes us to the site of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, where civilization was mysteriously "rebooted" after the last Ice Age, and where the animals carved into the pillars may mark the date of an Ancient Apocalypse.

S1, Ep6 America's Lost Civilization
Graham heads to America, to investigate its mysterious ancient mounds that show a sophisticated knowledge of astronomy. Does the ancient "Serpent Mound" in Ohio suggest a date for the Ancient Apocalypse - and what caused it?

S1, Ep7 A Fatal Winter
Graham explores the underground "cities" of ancient Turkey, which may have actually been "bunkers" designed to survive a potential threat from above.

S1, Ep8 Cataclysm and Rebirth
In America, Graham explores the shattered landscape of the Channel Scablands - and a new hypothesis which suggests what might have destroyed an Ancient Advanced Civilization.
Quote: BBC Ancient Apocalypse 2021
Sodom and GomorrahS1, Ep1
Sodom stood for 1000s of years as a powerful lesson of the perils of wickedness. According to the Bible, the men of Sodom were so wicked that God destroyed the city in a shower of fire and brimstone. But did the city of Sodom ever exist?

DoggerlandS1, Ep2
8000 years ago, a lush paradise, home to mammoth, deer, and hunter-gatherers connected Britain and mainland Europe - Doggerland. It was wiped out by a single devastating event, leaving it hidden beneath the waves of the North Sea.

The Lost City of HelikeS1, Ep3
In 373 BCE the Greek city of Helike disappeared beneath the waves. In myths, Poseidon destroyed it. It's hauntingly similar the story of Atlantis. Could it be possible to rediscover the lost city and could Helike actually be Atlantis?

Akkadian EmpireS1, Ep4
In 2334 BCE the Akkadians conquered and united the Sumerian city state kingdoms to create the world's first empire. After only 140 years the Akkadian Empire fractured. Why did they collapse?

The Mystery of the Sea PeopleS1, Ep5
In 1,200 BCE the Hittite Empire, the Mycenaeans, and the Egyptian Empire imploded and the Bronze Age period of history collapsed. What, or who, was to blame? Evidence points to what is known as the Sea People. Were they responsible?

The Maya CivilizationS1, Ep6
Between 250 and 900 CE the Maya civilization perfected mathematics, astronomy, architecture and the calendar. From around 900 CE the Maya's luck ran out and their great cities were largely abandoned. Why?
Quote: BBC Ancient Apocalypse 2001

Death on the Nile
The Old Kingdom of Egypt is famous throughout the world for building the Great Pyramids. However, in 2200 BC, the civilisation suddenly collapsed. Could natural forces be tied to its downfall?

Mystery of the Minoans
The Minoans were a powerful civilisation who thrived on the island of Crete and reached their golden age during the Bronze Age. What caused this civilisation's downfall?

The Maya Collapse
The Maya were a powerful indigenous civilisation who dominated Mexico and Central America for nearly one thousand years. What was the cause of their mysterious disappearance?

Sodom and Gomorrah
The tale of Sodom and Gomorrah is a story that has stood the test of time. A tale of two cities wiped off the face of the earth to punish the inhabitants for commiting offenses against God. However, did these legendary cities actually exist? And if so, could real natural phenomena be tied to their destruction?