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I watched the Colorado TCU football game last Sat
Coach Primes's team were 21 point underdogs
They shocked thje nation beating last years national champion runner up
Colorado and Coach Prime are the center of the college football universe
The TCU win was one of the best games Ive ever seen
Can we talk Heisman after 1 game. Absolutely
They have 2 huge contenders, Travis Hunter , plays both ways and Shedeur Sanders who just blew up the CO record books with over 500 yards passing.
Get this
The number 1 QB 2025 recruit in the country was looking to go to Michigan
His father just confirmed that his son is visiting CO for their USC game
Really looking forward to Sat and their game against Nebraska

Great pre game Coach Prime speech. One of the best ever.
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Quote: terapined
I watched the Colorado TCU football game last Sat

I watched it also. It was a pretty good game and I love anytime a big underdog gets the outright win.
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I truly thought that Colorado was going to get blown out. So much turmoil leading up to the game. Primeís son was GREAT. It is rare to see a college QB make the right decision EVERY TIME. And of course he executed the plays to near perfection. I canít bet on Heisman in NYS, but if I could Iíd consider Sanders. The two way player also is an interesting thought.