Rent payments

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Quote: missedhervee
Renting is for those unable to provide the scratch and the credit needed to buy a home.

Although I have not rented in about 30 years I would still disagree with that. I have found it makes sense for many single people that travel al lot to rent instead of buy.
At my age a Life In Prison sentence is not much of a detrrent.
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Commercial rents are under downward pressure due to a national 20% vacancy rate, and 50% occupancy rates.

Office values have fallen 31% over the past year, and rent and mortgage delinquencies are over 4%.

Half of the $1.2 trillion commercial property debt will mature in 2025, which will force borrowers to either walk away, or try to obtain loans at higher interest rates on properties that have lost one-third of their value.

'Risk of default is rising for $1.2 trillion of commercial real estate debt'

'Blackstone Inc., Brookfield Corp. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. are among investors that have defaulted or relinquished offices to lenders this year.'

'Morgan Stanley says commercial real estate will crash harder than during the Great Financial Crisis'
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