Do dogs feel remorse ?

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Quote: Fleastiff
>The trial is the longest of a single accused in Scottish legal history.
But it was not his trial. It was his lawyer's trial. The lawyer is supposed to consult with his client and take direction from his client. None of that happened. And the lawyer flatly refused to attack the victim's family which meant he refused to attack the prime suspect.

>It doesn't make a whole lot of sense that a 14 year old kid would brutally murder his girlfriend with a knife, and hid her body
>successfully, and then be the first one to discover the body. The fact that he discovered the body so quickly seems to be the
>primary evidence used against him.
Why stage the scene and then be the first person on the scene. Even when the police eventually showed up they wanted the fourteen year old boy who had just discovered his girl friend brutally murdered to climb over the wall again and take the police to her.
It is alleged, despite factual impossibility, that Luke ran home, changed his clothes, and instantly convinced his mother to burn them.
The police even alleging neighbors smelled burning that night. In fact, the mother was not home. The backyard burner was tiny and inadequate to such a task, nor did its ashed contain any buttons or zippers or leather patches. Nor did any neighbors report smoke or odors of any sort.

The area was known as an outdoor drug market, an area for those 'living rough'. Considerable traffic was along paths other than Dyke's paths and it is thought that Jodi had already been on the homicide side of the wall, the "vee" being a place where two passerby heard a "party" taking place and joined in, thus contributing to the dna of four males being "on, in or near" the corpse. Two of the males immediately and radically altered their physical appearance and left the area, but police had already "solved" the crime by taking Luke away and leaving the girls corpse exposed to the rain for several additional hours.

I just recently learned that this old thread was immediately picked up by a wrongfully accused website in the UK and was never thought to have been about dogs. Maybe I have a very English sense of humor?
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