Who is your favorite character in Trapped in the Closet?

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November 24th, 2014 at 5:48:58 AM permalink
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The title pretty much says it all. If you're rusty on the characters, you may wish to visit this Trapped in the Closet site. The link goes right to episode 1 (of 33).

My apologies to the characters I didn't have space to list in the poll, as there is room for only ten. If you wish to vote for another character, or are a bigot, please so state in your reply.


Cathy (her closet started all this)

Twan (Gwen's brother)

Roxanne (Tina's girlfriend)

Rufus (the pastor & Cathy's husband)

Bridget (James' wife and pregnant by Big Man)

Big Man (the midget)

Randolph (Rosy's husband and church janitor)

Lucius (the pimp)

Rosy (the nosy)

Images from www.ifc.com/shows/trapped-in-the-closet.
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Where is the Tom Cruise choice?

I vote bigot, no choice to vote for Tom Cruise :-(
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You're blowing my mind here.

I remember when this came out. I used to watch music videos before work, flopping between MTV and VH1. Then I saw this. The phrase didn't exist back then, but it would've perfectly described my thoughts - what the actual f$%^.

It was just so weird. Why is R. Kelly singing a story, and why is it so weird? I didn't know, but I guess I got hooked.

Then there was another chapter, and another. And every time, my only thought - what the actual. I remember trying to tell friends about it, and NO ONE had heard of it. I thought I was going crazy.

Girl is cheating with dude. Man comes home. Dude hides in closet. Find out cheating girl's husband is also cheating, WITH A GUY. Dude bugs out, then finds out his girl is cheating. He goes home, gets pulled over, confronts wife. Turns out cop who pulled him over was other guy she was cheating with. WHAT THE ACTUAL!!

It was Just. So. Weird.

I hadn't thought of this in years. Then I've recently went on a parody kick and just last week heard Weird Al's "Trapped in a Drive Thru". It made me think of TiaC and how weird it was.

I thought chapter 4 or 5 was the end. Now Wiz shows up, and not only does he know about TiaC, he shows it went on until 2012 and has 30+ chapters!

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I ain't never heard of this show. I think I'm probably glad I ain't never heard of no show about fashion fetishists and compulsive shoppers. And if "closet" has a different meaning for this show I'm sure glad I ain't never heard of it for even show one much less show 33.......that would be torture. How do writers come up with new situations each week?