Seven Sisters wreckage found.

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Just as an aside on some of the design issues:

A later investigation using Polish-English interpreters established that the ship that discovered the wreckage actually struck it at full speed amidst great confusion as to what it was that they had struck. A noticeable quantity of sharks were noted as being present in the water AT THAT TIME leading to speculation that there might well have been blood in the water as an attractant and therefore there may have been a situation wherein the injured survivor was trapped on the over-turned hull by a number of sharks. There was no hatchway by which a survivor could enter the boat from the over-turned hull without entering the water at the stern and swimming into the boat. The obvious question is did the Polish freighter actually dislodge the survivor or were the large quantity of sharks in the area because the sharks had previously dined and were hanging around for a possible second course?

Such a hatchway is a design issue that is actually often discussed/joked-about since it is said that when things go seriously wrong a monohull sinks quickly and any swimmers soon drown but a catamaran tips over flinging its occupants into the sea. The obvious issue is do those occupants get to watch the catamaran float away down wind or are they successful in scrambling aboard as the inverted hull continues to float for weeks. Transitioning from the overturned hull into the interior of the catamaran is best via an emergency hatchway since other means of access can be blocked by debris or menacing predators.

In this situation it may be that the owner/designer of the unusual boat may have survived everything except that final collision with the Polish freighter. No one will ever know, except perhaps the sharks.
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