BUD (the King of Beers)

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Looking for weaknesses, besides BUD's leveraged buyouts.

The SABMiller bond deal was the second highest in history at the time.

Those bonds could be deep under water, because of rates rising, so I have to check if they're marked to market.

Below is a link to a monthly log chart of BUD.

Image can be clicked on to expand the chart.

Price is currently at the 50% log retracement from the all-time high to the all-time low (horizontal).

Price is also bumping against diagonal resistance of previous highs (white line).

The bottom white trend-line is downward sloping and represents strong support.

There's only about a half to be made ($60B), not more than a half.



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I love how all you guys on the right became obsessed with reading into the markets to see if bud will tank in the last two days. I guarantee nobody on the left cares either way.

Heck, there are companies out there that I think are genuinely evil and I don't follow their value. The fact that a rainbow beer can (IE a nothingburger) is causing this outrage and obsessive pattern following is pretty silly. If this is what is causing drama in your heads and not what they did during the World Cup, you need to reevaluate your sense of morals. Of all the things to hate bud about, this is not something that should be causing this level of alarm or obsessiveness.
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Quote: Mission146
Yeah, if you say so, buddy. As we've already discussed, AB InBev could lose the entire North American market and would be fine, so if you think a few cheap beer swilling inbred Evangelical retards from the Deep South are going to change anything, I'm afraid you err.

Let's see...


1.) Beat Earnings estimates the last two quarters.

2.) About 31.5B gross profit last year; that's pretty good.

3.) Almost 6B in net income for 2022.


4.) More than 84B in positive equity; that's not bad!

5.) Trading just below their 52-week high.

6.) Perfectly average P/E ratio of 22.80.


7.) 10B in free cash flow as of the end of last year.

8.) Debt/Equity Ratio of just under 0.7; a little high, but not reckless.

9.) Average rating is between a hold and a buy and they are right where they should be in terms of price target relative to where they're at.

Budweiser isn't going anywhere. Dreaming is free, though.

Good post.

It's good you posted some of their strengths so we can come back later and compare their state.

I posted a chart showing the current price being a Fibonacci retracement of 50% (see my previous post).

Only a weak firm would be at a 50% level with as much cash as the central banks injected.

When the central banks pumped trillions during Covid when the low was hit (not just the USA, since this is an ADR), price was only able to retrace upward to the 61.8% line.

Also, price was not able to break-out of the downtrend since 2016 after they incurred massive debt as the result of buying SABMiller.

They are doing good (gutting the firm's assets) to pay down their debt since 2016.

That's what leveraged buyout corporate raiders do.

But they still hold too much debt (see article I posted on their debt).

About only 20 stocks in the S & P 500 were responsible for the upward index moves since Covid.

So it can make investors believe the economy is fine since the indices are so healthy but they're controlled through ETFs buying the same 20 firms.

But much of the injected cash flowed to BUD's bottom line, even though they didn't participate in the Covid dead cat bounce, like the top 20 stocks.

So the cash injections created an illusion of health for BUD.

And they were very fortunate to be able to pay down their debt as much as they did.
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Both reports are lengthy.

BUD's report came out on 3/17/2023.

I didn't want to access BUD's site directly because they have an age restriction that must (?) be entered.

The WEF report was preliminary to Klaus Schwab's book "The Great Reset".

WEF is a way for smaller countries (like Switzerland) to gain power to access larger country's resources (socialism) but he calls it stakeholder capitalism.

See earlier post for the BUD and WEF connection.


BUD's most recent Annual Report:



WEF's 2010 report:


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Quote: Mission146
As opposed to what? It being 50-50 and Harris breaks the tie?

Why wouldn't they have sworn Levine in? If they didn't, then I should suspect that the only reason not to is Levine being transgender.

I don't know that there are any stated minimum qualifications for that, so it's tough to argue that Levine is not qualified.

Was this a case of reverse discrimination? I certainly don't rule that out, but you can't prove it. I would say the Republicans all voting against Levine was a case of blatant discrimination, in any event. I guess you could argue that a few of the Republicans who did are doctors (no US Senators were doctors on the Democratic side) and then really stretch an argument that they convinced their colleagues Levine was in some way unqualified, but I'm not buying it.

Or, maybe you can make an argument that they were worried about the direction the country would take on gender-affirming care, but that's just because the idiot Republicans and mouth-breathing Evangelical retards can't help themselves but to lose on social issues at every opportunity.

Hell, they don't even have Economic policies anymore, so it's not as if they have anything else to run on. That is, unless you consider, "Get woke, go broke," an official economic platform of theirs. LOL

Enjoy the constant losing; it's nowhere near over yet.

The purpose of the post was to establish the general political environment in which BUD is operating.

The attack of women.

So two women don't cross party lines and another woman would break the tie.

And they're the ones being attacked and don't even know it.

We've already hashed out specifics of each others thoughts as it related to BUD on another thread.

So no need to continue the hashing, unless you want to.
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Quote: Mission146
It's not a large chance, but I think there is some chance that Fiscally Conservative Republicans who aren't Jesus cucks will see the light and join the LP.

LP is Libertarian Party?

If you'd like to vent about Jesus and/or followers of Jesus and your personal feelings, I'll try to help you work through it.

I don't mind being a punching bag as long as it will help you.
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Quote: ams288
DOUBLEGOLD (the King of Redundant New Threads)

What is your favorite topic?
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Quote: Mission146
The Biden Admin is pro-transgender. In related news, grass is green, Pittsburgh's got bridges and Donald Trump ***** off to ***** candid pictures of his daughter taken in her ******* when she was a teenager.


She might have been pre-teen at the time.

Like I said in the other thread, I don't like everything about this...but I hate Evangelicals more than I am even capable of hating anything they could ever do. If nothing else, I should vote Democrat as an expression of gratitude to the party for making the Evangelicals so miserable. I'm a Libertarian, though, so that's not something I am likely to do in a national vote. I think the only major party vote for POTUS I ever made was to re-elect Obama.

Honestly, I probably would have voted to re-elect Bush in 2004, but I was a little too dumb at the time to see why he was a good President. We also didn't have Trump yet, so Bush seemed like not a great POTUS, at the time.

Are you referring to Ivanka Trump, his daughter?

If so, do you have a reference so I know what you're referring to?
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Quote: Gandler
Beer is a product for 21+ , this is about as adult of an audience as you can target. Isn't the big argument that kids are being exposes to too much trans stuff (which is silly, but that is the argument.)

If a 21+ product and 21+ website should not talk about Trans issues then who should?

The commonality of both of the threads I posted in regards to the support of the Biden admin, is changing biologically sexes, not only youth.

So BUD's actions could influence all citizens of the USA, directly or indirectly.

I began drinking beer about age 12-13.
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Quote: Mission146
How the hell is AB InBev going to grow? There's almost no room for growth. Sit back, print money. "We've done it; good job, boys!"

Hell are they going to do, get into used car sales? They're the largest beer company in the world.


For a commodity based big boy to get bigger, they usually have to acquire firms (cannibalize).

Then gut the employees and consolidate plants.

The Biden executive order is designed to limit the big boys, specifically beer.

Hence, the social actions of BUD to entice the Biden admin to let them acquire more firms and increase market share.

By the way, BUD had a transsexual TV commercial as early as 2016.

So it's been downhill since then.

However, they likely can continue to acquire foreign firms with ease outside of the USA jurisdiction but the quality access wouldn't be as good as the USA (richer).
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