Don't make any more movies

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Quote: Evenbob
Matthew McConaughey-Gus van Sant “Sea of Trees” Has Made $2,730 in 5 Days Even the trailer sucks.

Gus van Sant has been making movies for 25 years. Generally they have received superb reviews. Sometimes the reviews are terrible, but not as bad as this film which is both a commercial and a critical failure, despite having three highly regarded actors.
Matthew McConaughey as Arthur Brennan
Naomi Watts as Joan Brennan
Ken Watanabe as Takumi Nakamura

A film about the contemplate life and death. reflection and affirmation of the will to live is tough to make. Otherwise lauded directors have produced films before on this subject that are critical failures.

100% Drugstore Cowboy Screenwriter/Director-- 1989
97% Good Will Hunting Director-- 1997
95% Mala Noche Producer/Director/Screenwriter-- 2007
94% Milk Director -- 2008
87% To Die For Director -- 1995
87% Paris Je T'aime Director/Screenwriter-- 2007
83% Laurence Anyways
82% My Own Private Idaho Producer/Director/Executive Producer/Screenwriter-- 1991
77% Paranoid Park Screenwriter/Director--2007
74% Finding Forrester Director--2000
72% Elephant Screenwriter/Director--2003
61% Gerry Director/Screenwriter-- 2003
57% Last Days Director/Screenwriter/Producer--2005
51% Promised Land Executive Producer/Director--2013
37% Psycho Producer/Director-- 1998
36% Restless Director/Producer--2011
29% Speedway Junky Executive Producer/Producer-- 2002
22% Even Cowgirls Get the Blues Director/Executive Producer/Screenwriter/Producer-- 1994
8% The Sea of Trees Director --2016
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Quote: Nareed
One reason I almost no longer see movies in theaters is they aren't worth the price of admission any more. I'm content to let them be shown on basic cable, or Netflix. Sequels in particular leave me thinking "Please, don't make any more movies for this franchise."

Case in point, I watched Men in Black 3 last Saturday on Netflix.


I saw it again the other day on cable. I wasn't paying particular attention to it, as I was doing other things online (I often keep the TV on as background noise). On occasion I'd turn my head and watch.

Seen this way, and for the second time, it was better than on first viewing.

I'm still glad I didn't pay to see it.
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