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Quote: boymimbo

Never is going to happen.

Could have said the same thing about the Baltic Republics in 1980.
The man who damns money has obtained it dishonorably; the man who respects it has earned it
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Quote: Nareed
Right wing paranoid fantasies are every bit as weird as other conspiracy theories. I tend to ignore them,

>>>>>>>>>Or the flip side: FDR arranged the attack on Pearl Harbor.
he didn't arrange it though but for his being crippled he surely turned cartwheels.
He did not want some minor gunboat incident, he wanted a first move by the Japs, Pearl Harbor was a hardship post due to lack of shore facilities, he relieved of command the admiral who protested putting the fleet in Hawaii rather than San Diego, he kept the oldest admiral in command at Pearl and kept the diplomatic decrypts away from those who most needed them. World Report had a Dec seventh issue entitled Peace in the Pacific but world shipping companies already knew and US consular offices already knew the Japanese merchant fleet was marching across the Pacific to the safety of the home waters.
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