Game of Thrones

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I enjoyed the show watching it since the beginning (and having not read the books before watching it).

I like fantasy and politics. I thought it was an interesting blend of fantasy political drama.

I thought the last two seasons went downhill, I am fine with the ending (as far as plot goes), but it was not well executed (felt rushed, HBO should have pressed the producers harder to agree to more episodes), hopefully the books do it better.

I think the series is popular because it is fairly unique to get a fantasy show that is gritty and realistic (a least until the last season, where too many characters had plot armor), well written, and with some very talented actors. I guess its not for everyone (I am actually surprised it got as big as it did), but I enjoyed it.
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Quote: Gandler
I am actually surprised it got as big as it did, but I enjoyed it.
The Sopranos meet Middle Earth with lots of young naked females and lots of rape/torture scenes. That formula coupled with a lavish promotion budget: Hollywood's finest moments!
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