we all agree: it's ok for Obama to kill Americans

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Congress passed a law allowing the FAA to license drones over US soil about a month ago and by 2020 there are supposed to be 30,000 flying over us. There are some drones as big as a jet. It is crazy. I don't even think they need a warrant to peep in your window or fly on your property. If they were to kill the Kardashians, I think I would be ok with that.
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Nothing like a good ol' fashioned filibuster!
"You think I'm joking." -EvenBob
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Quote: s2dbaker
You don't watch Rachel Maddow. I can tell because you'd find the liberal outrage on or about 9:00pm on MSNBC for the last few months.

Good, I'm glad to hear that Rachel Maddow is concerned about the U.S. government killing American citizens with no trial. But not all the partisan liberals at MSNBC are interested in this subject. This article says that Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton completely ignored Sen Paul's filibuster. Ed Schultz spent 58 seconds on the filibuster, using most of the time to read comments from Facebook followers who called Paul "obstructionist." By comparison, Schultz spent nearly seven minutes analyzing Bill O'Reilly's body language.
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Quote: reno
But not all the partisan liberals at MSNBC are interested in this subject.
I'm not sure what kind of saturation you're expecting from this story. I think if one host covers it in depth and some of the others mention it, then that's pretty good. It's not like there weren't other stories to cover that day. If I recall, Lawrence O'Donnell waxed poetic about Senator Paul's filibuster.

As far as Ed Schultz spending seven minutes on Bill O'Reilly's body language, that's actually hilarious because Bill routinely brings in an "expert" to read the tea leaves and scry about other people's body language. I guess the irony is lost there or perhaps you've missed the miracles of Bill's body language segments. They are something to behold, like watching a train wreck but with more gore.
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Quote: reno
You would think that conservative Republicans would demand that Obama be impeached for killing Americans without trial

Where's the outrage?

In general I think that you would find that most Americans are very indifferent to the rights of Americans who they feel earned their citizenship by what they consider to be by marginal means. By "marginal" I mean people who were born on American soil and left as children, children of illegal immigrants, people who were naturalized but have now betrayed their country, etc. Legally traitors should be tried and convicted and not killed first, but most people don't care about that.

"Where's the outrage?" People are often indifferent to their rights. Invariably on television if you see a character talking about their rights, he has done something wrong.
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