Men skipping college

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Yeah, anyone who does that has some ulterior motive. Its used at yard sales, by cops who want to snoop, by neighborhood greeters who sell data to collection agencies, etc.

Oh, and those huge water bottles often go into a specialized stand that supports the dispensing botte, but that dispenser device is where the bacteria grow.
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Quote: petroglyph
I think there is another factor about being over qualified for a position. Some that are doing the hiring don't want competition. There are definitely some unqualified managers out there, who are insecure in their positions. The last few jobs I took that I had to fill out an app for, I left quite a bit off of my resume. I was just looking for work, I didn't want to run the joint.

Could be, I agree there are many unqualified ones. I have been driven out of at least one place by ones that did not want competition.

Lucky for me I am now old and transient enough that I do not look so much a threat.
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