ADAS Advanced driver-assistance systems

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Quote: Evenbob
Just more things that will break down
and be useless 6 years after you buy
the car. Too expensive to fix, but fun
while they lasted.

Early returns for frequent failure (10% or more) on a lot of the ADAS stuff (lane departure, adaptive cruise, collision avoidance, etc) is somewhere between 40 and 48 months. So if you're not leasing, think about getting that 'stended warntny.
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Quote: Mosca
I just got a car with all that crap, and I have to say that I like some of it.

There is a psychological principal that says that people adapt to safety mechanisms and return to their starting point.

If you are driving the alleyways of Sicily where almost nobody has side view mirrors anymore since they are always snapped off by oncoming cars on the narrow streets, you have to be alert or you will be in an accident in minutes.

If you are driving on an American freeway, women put on make up, text on phones and generally engage in behavior that makes driving more dangerous than driving in Sicily dead drunk.
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