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LOL - just got off the phone with my mom. She took my nephew to see Joker last weekend and LOVED it. She said she wouldn't mind going again (she hardly ever sees things in the theater).

I'm pretty sure this is the first comic book movie she's ever seen. I find it hilarious that she liked it way more than I did.

According to this, Joker is on track to be about as profitable as Avengers: Infinity War (not Endgame though):
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Are you sure she went to the right movie?

Does she like art films? (Which I would normally describe as non-traditional films which donít follow normal audience pleasing trends, and lots of people describe as deep or incomprehensible, or pure drivel)
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I do not like comic book movies.

But, this looks interesting since it appears to be more psychological and dramatic (and from what I hear does not shoehorn in every DC character ever made for no reason at all).

I may see it in the theatre, or I may wait to see it at home, but I think it is worth a watch. It seems like a movie I would enjoy.

A colleague just told me it is very similar to a clockwork orange, which is a movie I enjoyed.
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Well I know this is 6+ months later, but I finally saw the movie last night (HBO had it on demand).
I never got around to watching it in theatres.

I enjoyed it. I think I remember reading they wanted to make a historical themed phycological drama. Like everyone said, almost no connection to the Comics and very non-canon as for the Joker's orgins. But, if you are watching it as a standalone movie, its great.

I understand why many don't like it (my friend I watched it with last night hated it), but it is the kind of movie I enjoy.

Again, you have to separate it from the comics and don't come in with expectations of being canon. If you look at it as a psychological drama in a standalone sense, you may enjoy it (if those are your sort of movies). Don't go in expecting it to be like The Dark Knight.... I was able to divorce the source material of Joker's orgins from this movie, so I enjoyed it as a standalone phycological drama... There is not much action and there is a lot of obtuse scenes mixing reality with maybe not reality, so I can understand why it does not appeal to some comic fans....
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