What is a truly great Black & White movie?

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The "Thin Man" series of films with William Powell, Myrna Loy and a very talented dog. Quick, witty dialogue. If you look up "on screen chemistry", you will see their picture...
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The 1943 film, Day of Wrath. Subtitles, but an excellent picture. Usually i don't like subtitles because I'm not a fast reader and you spend to much time looking at the words than at the story on the screen. But if the movie is made right the action doesn't take place while you're reading. This is a great film.
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No real dogs in this thread, though I didn't care much for The Thin Man sequels.

I'd add Seven Samurai, The Seventh Seal, and the Battle of Algiers.

I think this may start to intersect with another thread, but I'm a horror / sci fi guy, so:
The Thing From Another Planet
The Day the Earth Stood Still
The Haunting
The Innocents

Though I suppose these last four constitute personal favorites, rather than great movies called for in the thread title.
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