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Good Qualities in a WomanOctober 15th, 2017 at 6:03:20 pm
Dealing craps again, this time for a fundraiser for some group that puts out service dogs that prisoners train. Before it started we got a chance to meet and pet the dogs a bit, which was nice. They were 8 month old labs and as they were service dogs I asked permission to pet them. They said "sure, go ahead." Discussion with them showed that the dogs were still being socialized and they wanted them used to people. Curious thing was the dogs were fast to paw at you, told that they had to be trained to do things like push elevator buttons.

Later the games started. One of hottest tables I ever remember, and I was so happy they were not making place bets. It was too crowded and too loud to explain them, and they were having enough winning at PASS I just wanted to finish the night, being tired from working the previous night getting home at 1 AM, looking at rental properties that afternoon, and looking at an hour plus drive home.

Then she walked up. Oh my. Attractive gal, and the kind that just ooozed class. The kind of class you like. I don't mean old money, snooty class. I mean the kind that you meet when you show up to do a service call at the big house in the nice part of town, nice cars in the garage, and she is polite and friendly as anything. Of course she was married. They are always married. No harm in noticing.

I actually did not notice much at first. Until she spoke. I immediately took notice as she was explaining FREE ODDS to another player, and doing it RIGHT!

There are varying levels of how people talk about the game. I get many newbies of course. They know nothing. There are people that think they know, then forced me to emasculate them in front of their girlfriend and everyone else at the table. (Another story, I've told it before, but a lesson to beware the quiet guy trying to mind his own business.) There are those that know much but ask me to fill in the tough parts.

Then there was her! I key in when people start to explain to other players. Part to avoid wrong information spreading around my table. Part because I cannot help it, think the frog and the scorpion. She was describing it perfectly. Dealer level explanations. She made one mistake, confusing free odds on the 6/8 with place odds. I just say, "6:5" and she just says, "you're right!" and went on. I am still amazed. You have to remember, I live and love to have a player like this at the table as it takes pressure off me.

Oh, yeah, she could actually throw dice without looking like she was throwing out the first pitch.

Seriously, she had dealer level knowledge of the game in how it works, though I had no idea if she would know procedure. Lucky, this kind almost always hangs for a minute after everyone else leaves to thank me as a dealer, maybe ask where I learned, just a sort of professional courtesy.

Seems she just learned from her husband. Hopefully there are more like her out there.

October 16th, 2017 at 4:09:37 pm
Dealer level knowledge is a wonderful thing; I wish I had it.
Clear, concise and correct explanations are rare. Even a charity or private party game is not the place for anything but terse explanations, whether they come from a player or the busy dealer.

Maybe she will volunteer to be a shill at future events or a stand-by relief dealer if you are double booked.
October 17th, 2017 at 3:16:14 am
A big problem on explaining is that once a game is moving it is hard to explain anything to new walk ups. More than once the game is banging to near casino level. Then a walk up wants to learn. Once two young women say, "can you teach us?" I say to squeeze in and learn. They got upset that I "did not teach them." I am thinking that they should be able to see I have 10+ people at a busy table and can't stop the game for a long explanation.

When it gets that busy I tell them to just play the PASS and watch. 99% of the time someone will give a hand. See, if they are at all attractive then they expect that the male dealer will drop everything for them. Normal people see someone attending to 10 people and understand.

I was in IIRC Canada and some oriental couple was wanting to learn a table game. Early evening and craps was fairly banging. They somehow got the attention of the pit boss and asked something because the pit boss just says, "This is a very complicated game, you probably want to learn on something easier." Yes, my job is to teach. But can't people be reasonable?
October 17th, 2017 at 6:48:35 am
Did you short stick her?
October 17th, 2017 at 4:25:45 pm
My stick ain't short!

Women can't throw diceOctober 1st, 2017 at 12:10:33 pm
I haven't ranted on player behavior in some time and need some therapy.

What is it with women and throwing dice? Well over half of them simply cannot grasp tossing dice 6 or so feet down the table.

A guy goes to throw and he can throw. An occasional guy is a jerk trying to knock chips all over the place, this is rare. He may be a dice setter who does a lob, mostly landing between the PASS and the wall. Or he holds them, flicks his wrist and lower arm, and hits the wall. He tries to not hit chips, unless it is jammed he doesn't.

Women, good grief. Dice weigh at best an ounce each, but they handle them like bricks. One last week threw them like a baseball, meaning throwing a baseball like a girl. Some use less overarm but do a sort of punch thing and release them. Even when they get it near right they so often manage to hit several stacks, more than I could if I tried to make a mess.

I know it will be trouble if they have been in the game for 15 minutes then their turn to shoot. I slide the 5 dice and they ask, "do I take all 5?" **FACEPALM**

I realize that phisiologicaly women throw a baseball different unless it is coached out of them. But we are talking dice. Anyone can see everyone else throwing. I once stopped one who was really struggling and said to watch as I gently threw them as a normal guy would. Even then she struggled. I gave up.

Am I the only one notices this?

October 3rd, 2017 at 1:54:05 pm
Yet the substantiated record for the longest single roll belongs to a woman. Go figure.
October 4th, 2017 at 1:11:35 am
A neophyte female might ask do I take all five but a neophyte male will just grab all five thinking he knows what he is doing.
I'm always aiming for the back wall but we've all hit the stickman at some point in time... though more often hit a stack of chips or something.
October 6th, 2017 at 3:15:14 pm
So far I have yet to see a guy who has been watching take more than 2 dice. They may ask. "any 2?" But they are far more aware what is going on around them. Guys also gave more patience about learning the game.
October 7th, 2017 at 4:27:29 pm
I'm not one to judge on this one. When I throw, at least one die bounces out of the table about 10% of the time. I have noticed men seem to like betting on female shooters, especially if she is cute.
October 10th, 2017 at 6:24:37 am
>bet of female shooters
Of course. Even if the females are with a drunken jerk, the men bet with her.
October 11th, 2017 at 4:07:18 am
>One last week threw them like a baseball


the way to get them to play Craps would be to convince a group of them that women are not allowed at the table.

seriously, I think you have discovered why, generally, they don't play. I hadn't thought of this.

I think he got the gameOctober 27th, 2016 at 3:50:45 pm
You never know if someone is picking up on craps for sure. Last night teaching a guy to play. Slow night, small crowd. He does the usual confusion of before and after a point is established but mostly gets it. But I was not sure until his buddy comes up and throws the dice. Guy gets them about halfway down the table.


Player: "You seem to know the game, did your husband teach you?"

Now that is a guy you want to hit the table with!

Work Rant---not dealing, day jobOctober 12th, 2016 at 2:51:17 pm
I don't know why have IT people if you have to do half the stuff yourself.

Local IT guy does not have the admin access to the client's computers on our desks. OK, fine. But the help center is so next to useless it is hard to believe. Printers, installing them should be simple. Some things that should be simple are not so much.

So I get hired and the printer does not work. I am not at all trained beyond self-trained. But I can do some things. I knew it needed the drivers installed. Call the help line, which is a typical India help line where they are hard to understand and not all that useful. I have read that places like India might produce people who know software and other engineering, but they really fall down because if it is not "in the book" they cannot function. Same as my brother tells me about non-western pilots. In the book, adequate. Have to assess and decide, awful.

So I call and waste some time letting them play around and finally say it is the drivers. Person does not want to try it but somehow they try to find them online. They fail. Eventually I find them myself with them on the phone. All they do, and I do not exaggerate, is OK the download as an admin. I mean I had to find the web page then find the drivers on the web page. I never expect it to be exactly perfect, but I do not expect to have to not only do it myself but at the same time fight the India help desk every step of the way.

Fast forward. New computer and the printer has a hiccup where it cannot find its own drivers. I waste 5+ hours on the phone with India trying to install it and a crash. I tell the "escalated" guy the problem and simply refuse to even let him access as I have wasted so much time I was behind for a week. I keep asking a supervisor to print and scan, not all that often but enough. She tells me to get the thing fixed and I flat refuse, saying to get someone to come by because calling is useless.

Few weeks later to today. IT guy has drives on a disk, and I have developed enough IT street cred he just flips it to me with some instructions. Or he hates me and refuses to help? No kidding, 20 minutes! I call India and say to just approve the install. DONE.

Woman next to me having similar issues. Her PC has no drive. I am trying to do the "become the sheepdog" thing so I step in, ask him about a thumb drive. No dice. Shoot ideas about saving to desktop first. Finally, again street cred or tired of me, he gives me the OK to try it. I go over and she is on phone with India, I just say, "HANG UP, we will fix it ourselves." Download took more time, but got it to the point we just had to call. "Call and give your info, then put me on!" Had to tell the guy three or so times all I wanted was him to check the little box with his password, I did all the lifting. To be fair the box "popped under" but did he suggest to look at that? Whadder you think?!

End of my therapy rant, got it working. She is happy and the "kids" we are surrounded half in awe of the old guy getting the flipping thing working when nobody else could or would.

Hopefully it builds the sheepdog cred just enough but not too much.

October 17th, 2016 at 4:18:15 am
My wife always makes sure we have a working printer. I invariably wind up hating the things but have to admit they come in handy plenty of times.

What I prefer is to build up a bunch of printing [that can wait] and send it to the UPS store and have them print it; costs almost nothing.

More prom night casino nightApril 30th, 2016 at 11:06:23 am
Sad state of USA society that when I saw the cops I knew the prom was nearby. But it was actually a decent crowd. Hardest part is I am not a night person. Weird since I enjoy the overnight shift. But to work just until very late and I am dragging. Then I noticed I was on craps. Craps takes the most energy to deal, by far. But then the kid started playing, and the kid really picked up on the game!

Alright, I set up and as sometimes happens there are early birds. Had to tell them mostly to wait a few minutes. One thing about working proms is you get the same crowds. You get a few guys who had dates abandon them or are there alone, they hang out. I try too be extra nice to them because they remind me of myself, and proms remind me how much I hated that whole social scene back then. They want to hang all night. Not much else to do besides dance, which they probably hate doing. Next group is couples trying out everything. Social butterflies, they will play 20 minutes and leave. Not that they are rude, but they just do not see playing casino games as good prom time. Finally some groups of girls try and leave after a few minutes. The game is too much work for them, they are out to have fun. The girls never, ever come up and play alone like the stag guys. All these years I doubt I have had three women come up alone and try to learn to play. To plagiarise from piano teachers everywhere, "they don't want to learn how to play, they want to know how to play."

One kid made 4 or 5 passes in a row. My guess is the day he turns 21 he goes to a casino and blows a moth's pay on craps because he found it so easy. The usual people who can't manage to throw dice 4 feet without making a mess of things. I did not even bother explaining place or prop bets because I knew that most players would last 15 minutes at most and I would be explaining more than dealing as it was.

But I got lucky. Some kid, said name was Alex, the dude took about 5 minutes to get it. Like most he was lost when I explained it before the first throw. Always happens, I tell people just put a bet and learn. Guy sees it, connects what I said, and a freaking 300W bulb lights up in his head. I get him to start explaining the game to the walk-ups. He felt important doing it. I even had him selling the Field Bet! (I did Pass and Field only for teaching.) After people left I gave a "hey, you, commere!" and explained how bad that bet was. Dude was still selling it!

Showed him the free odds bet. As usual that one took a little for him to grasp. Nobody ever gets it right away. Explained how every bet had an edge, how the edge varied among bets, and how to play smart. Kid was a sponge. Soaked it all up. I literally told him that the day he turns 21 to go to the local casino and apply to be a dealer. Said tell them I sent you. Said they have no idea who I am but what the hey!

Always a good feeling to help America's yutes.

May 15th, 2016 at 6:26:50 am
Do you ever contemplate helping America's yutes from a real casino rather than a faux casino?

With all your dealing experience now shouldn't a real casino be desperate to hire you?
May 17th, 2016 at 3:27:15 pm
The yutes are not allowed in the real casino.

I have more fun and make more money this way. If times get tough maybe dealer school again. Maybe even just to prove I can do it.
May 17th, 2016 at 6:19:31 pm
Oh, BTW, I do some undercover work for the real casino.
May 17th, 2016 at 9:29:08 pm
Sounds like keeping your ears and eyes open at a casino night party could lead to some interesting data for the real casino. People tend to loosen tongues at a 'fake event' not realizing that these fake dealers have contacts in the real industry.

As I recall your washing out of dealer school sounded rather arbitrary and unfair anyway. The Stickmans eye pattern and the boxman's eye patterns are important. Its not just the stick man's patter which reminds base dealers what to do and what sequence to do it in, you need to review a 'real' table even though you now handle the whole shindig yourself at a casino night.
May 18th, 2016 at 6:34:44 pm
Not exactly what I mean by undercover work. If I send my players to the real casino I should get a kickback, very few sharps.

Was not totally unfair, I was struggling. But I had started a brand new job the same exact day as I started dealer school. That is not an exaggeration. My days started at 6:00 AM when I got up and ended around midnight when I hit the pillow. My only breaks were commuting time. How I learned as much as I did is amazing. I just have that taint of failure, which I hate. Now I have easily proven myself working tables alone. I can spot a weak base dealer like a lion spots a weak antelope. One missed my loss once, the look on the face of the box chick, oooooh.

But I have only worked with a partner maybe 3 times, and just one. While I have no real desire to deal to keep food in the fridge, I think I could if I had to. But really I would like to deal even a night with a sharp crew I get along with. Not at a place like Wynn, either. A Freemont kind of place. Gritty. Just a night.

In other news, I started teaching the niece and nephew how to play street craps. Ages 6 and 8 or so. They don't know what the game is about. But my duty I feel as the crazy uncle. A bit too young for poker, but that too eventually.
May 19th, 2016 at 4:58:10 pm
I forget the family name but one was a male poker player who had two sisters, each poker players though one of them switched to being a "quant" for a hedge fund in New Jersey. One of the sisters wrote a memoir about A Girlhood With Gamblers showing her early, very early, exposure to card games, including poker.
Six and Eight? Maybe there is a Poker Coloring Book? Or maybe that is your next project: publish one.
May 19th, 2016 at 4:58:10 pm
I forget the family name but one was a male poker player who had two sisters, each poker players though one of them switched to being a "quant" for a hedge fund in New Jersey. One of the sisters wrote a memoir about A Girlhood With Gamblers showing her early, very early, exposure to card games, including poker.
Six and Eight? Maybe there is a Poker Coloring Book? Or maybe that is your next project: publish one.
May 21st, 2016 at 4:57:38 am
I had to ask how to play poker, I wanted to learn from seeing it on TV. Later we played it in school for fun while we waited for the bus home. I am talking third grade IIRC! But how I wish I had learned to PLAY! OK, not everyone is going to teach a 10 year old the finer points of the game, and my family probably didn't understand them anyways. I will do better! A buddy and I so wish we knew what we know now and would have hosted games in college with a rake and all.

I just have to walk the fine line between teaching them how the streets work and never getting invited back............

Poker coloring book? Now my mind will be working. I hope you are happy!
May 27th, 2016 at 5:52:39 pm
A winery is having a Game Night, but it turns out to be only Cards Against Humanity, a politically incorrect adult themed card game.

However, you might approach local wineries about hosting a Casino Night, charity games, expensive wine auctions, etc. Also contact women in business groups they often hold meetings and could do with some levity from time to time.
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